Freedom View™

Traditional Storage: No Global View

When the cloud becomes your primary file storage, you need to take a different approach to how you manage the hybrid environment. Storage solutions — even ones that provide some cloud connectivity or site-to-site replication — typically provide an administrator interface for each local storage system, but don’t offer a global view.

Legacy storage wasn’t designed to work across offices, so there’s no unified view of unstructured file data. But your company is growing, and the demand for flexible storage options is going through the roof. Now more than ever, it makes sense for cloud storage to be part of your infrastructure. You need a global view of your file data.

The Panzura Freedom View™

Our Freedom View™ console is a Google Maps-based monitoring, alerting and reporting interface for the entire Panzura Distributed Cloud File System. The Freedom View simplifies management of globally distributed, cloud-integrated storage, making it easier for you to take advantage of cloud storage economics and use it as primary storage. It also gives you a simple visual interface to check status and activity up to 14 days in the past across the entire Panzura deployment and the cloud.

With Panzura, the cloud is the authoritative source for all files. Active data is cached on local Freedom appliances to provide fast access for users, and Panzura’s patented Distributed File Locking ensures data integrity across every site. To manage primary storage that is dispersed across both the cloud and every office, administrators benefit from both a map-based user interface and the ability to look back in time across the system.

Freedom View gives you:

  • Google Maps view of all Panzura Freedom Filer™ appliances and connectivity between them.
  • The ability to view activity, status and alerts going back in time up to 14 days.
  • Status of locally cached data at each site.
  • Status of cloud and network connectivity.
  • Status of each Freedom Filer appliance.
  • Status and information about every file stored in the Distributed Cloud File System.
  • Alerts on any potential problems across the entire Panzura infrastructure, network and cloud.

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