Cloud Disaster Recovery for Veeam Virtual Machine Backups

Reduce Costs and Simplify Management for Veeam Backup of VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machines

The Challenge with Virtual Machine Backups

Veeam is the clear market leader in VMware and Hyper-V virtual machine (VM) backups. The Veeam solution is highly performant and provides differential backups that are deduplicated. It can also leverage the snapshot and replication functionality of enterprise storage to accelerate those backups. Yet for all the power that Veeam brings, many organizations are still seeking a solution that will natively backup VMs to any public or private cloud and to migrate those VMs from one cloud to another.

On-Premises Storage Requires that the VMs Run Locally

Veeam leverages the snapshot and replication ability of on-premises storage, such as NetApp or EMC VNXe. However, Veeam is not integrated with those solutions to be able to use them directly as a backup target. This means that for Veeam to use the replication functionality of on-premises storage, such as NetApp, then those VMs would have to be backed up to similar NetApp on-premises storage.

Panzura Freedom NAS Native Cloud Backup and DR for Veeam

Unlike on-premises storage, Panzura Freedom NAS™ integrates with Veeam to natively present any public or private cloud as a backup target. Freedom NAS simply presents highly scalable cloud storage as a local SMB file share. This enables Veeam to directly perform VM backups to that share. Organizations can use Freedom NAS to securely store Veeam backups in the cloud without making any changes to their existing workflows or business processes.

VeeamReady Repository

Veeam Ready Certified

Freedom NAS is certified as a Veeam Ready Repository. This is the highest level of Veeam certification available and is your assurance that Panzura will work seamlessly with Veeam to store your organizations valuable VMs in the cloud of choice.

Take Advantage of the Full Power of Veeam

Use your existing Veeam solution for snapshots, deduplication, and creating incremental backups of VMs. Organizations can take full advantage of Veeam application aware integrated file browsing of VM backups. This functionality enables them to access emails from Microsoft Exchange VM backups, SQL data on SQL Server VM backups, or to search other supported applications.
Panzura Veeam Certified

Backup and Restore from Anywhere

Freedom NAS leverages the power of Panzura CloudFS™, the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud. As a global, distributed file system, CloudFS securely enables every location to see and read from every other system. This means that in the event of a disaster, any other location in the file system can see the Veeam backups and begin the restoration process immediately. VMs can also be restored in the cloud for fast restoration with the burden of cloud download speeds during an event.

Easily Migrate Workloads to the Cloud

As organizations work to moving applications into the cloud to take advantage of cloud compute power, VMs can be easily migrated as well. Veeam can backup the on-premises VMs and Freedom NAS will automatically store them in the cloud. Those VMs can then be restored in the cloud compute space without a separate transport event for a seamless migration.

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