Panzura + VDI / Cloud Workstations

When the fastest global cloud file system on the planet meets virtual desktop infrastructure, you get blazing fast performance to the last mile.

Panzura works seamlessly with VDI solutions to allow enterprises to utilize cutting edge cloud desktop technology, while working from a single authoritative data source in the cloud.

The Ultimate Remote Work Solution

Panzura’s global file system delivers fast, collaborative global access to files stored in a single authoritative data source. And, we extend that access far beyond the office, to deliver a high performance experience to remote workers in 2 vital ways.

Seamless integration with VDI - Panzura

Panzura Brings Your Files Closer. Even if Everyone's Working From Home.

Forget the traditional remote access into your virtual private network — the one that starts out slow and gets slower as every next person logs on. Panzura gives you fast access everywhere. Panzura + VDI ups the ante to give you access so fast you might as well still be in the office.

Panzura in Your Nearest Cloud Regions​

Panzura’s CloudFS filers (virtual machines that sit on or near your premises) deliver fast file performance by bridging the gap between your storage and your file processing. But, they don’t need to be in an office to do that. 

Instead, Panzura filers can be installed in any of the hundreds of cloud regions available throughout the world. These regions offer high performance, low latency connections that let your people keep working at high speed, just like they were still in the office.

Panzura makes remote work fast, working off one authoritative data source
Panzura works with VDI to make remote work blazing fast, working off one authoritative data source

Panzura Next to Your Cloud Workstations

For the ultimate performant file experience, Panzura filers sit as close as possible to cloud-based workstations. This solution lets the desktop hardware sitting next to your user send only keystrokes to the virtual desktop in the cloud, which provides all the processing power. 

Transmitting this very lightweight data makes individual internet speeds virtually irrelevant.  The result is an exceptionally fast file experience that overcomes latency every step of the way.

Preferred VDI Partners

Panzura and VDI just works. In fact, we certified as Citrix Ready back in 2015. However, we work closely with 3 virtual, cloud-based desktop providers to bring you all the high performance benefits of their cloud workstations, using the cloud storage provider of your choice.