Immunity to Ransomware

Organizations of all sizes and industries are increasingly falling victim to infection by software that makes critical business files inaccessible by encrypting and locking them, until a ransom is paid for their return. 

Panzura customers don’t pay ransoms.

Ransomware relentlessly targets employees and organizational infrastructure, and it’s expected to infect businesses and governments every 11 seconds by 2021. The numbers tell us that vigilance is not a complete defence. Immunity to ransomware requires immutable data architecture.

Panzura customers don't pay ransoms

To Become Invulnerable, You Need Data Architecture That Is Immutable

With Panzura, at no time does any file update alter the data that has been written to your object store. Blocks encrypted and stored in the cloud are never modified, and are thus immutable and not subjected to ransomware. Instead, when changes are made to a file, the Freedom filer will write those new or changed blocks to additional objects in the cloud. That doesn’t mean you can never delete data; secure and complete erasure of files and data can be undertaken whenever necessary, while ensuring data cannot be accidentally deleted.

Immutable Data Architecture Gives You Immunity From Ransomware

Using Panzura’s hybrid cloud approach, if ransomware ever gets past your first line of defence and encrypts your data, your local Freedom filers write the resulting encrypted files to your cloud object store as new data.
Immunity to ransomware - Panzura

Your pre-existing data is unaffected and is preserved as original objects in the object store, which means that all files encrypted by the ransomware code can be immediately reverted back to their previous state. This can be done for a single file, entire directories, or an entire global file system. As a result, if and when you get a ransomware demand, you won’t be paying a penny. Recovery is as quick and easy as reinstating the previous, unencrypted version of a file, directory, or file system.