Medical Imaging

Advanced imaging technologies have revolutionized the way medical professionals are able to care for their patients. 

Advanced imaging technologies have revolutionized the way medical professionals are able to care for their patients. Where data was once siloed within picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), it is now readily available through vendor neutral archives (VNAs) from companies such as Merge Healthcare, Perceptive Acuo, DeJarnette and TereMedica. Patient data can be shared seamlessly by doctors in different locations and patients can get immediate updates.

While imaging technology may have changed healthcare for the better, it has also created headaches for the IT professionals that must store and serve the data that is created. Enterprise cloud storage is the clear choice for hospitals and healthcare organizations that need to create, store and archive medical images. Cloud storage solves many of the challenges faced by healthcare providers when it comes to file storage including affordability, scalability, and remote access.

The Panzura Freedom product family uniquely enables hospitals and medical providers to leverage the benefits of cloud storage while also meeting the strict requirements for performance and security of the healthcare industry.

Cloud Advantages

By taking advantage of the cloud hospitals and medical imaging centers can eliminate their expensive, legacy file servers and NAS storage with affordable and scalable shared storage. The Panzura Freedom family offers all the benefits of the cloud as well as: 


When dealing with confidential patient information security is of paramount importance. With a strict requirement to meet HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines, enterprise-grade security is essential. The Panzura Freedom family is FIPS 140-2 compliant with AES-256 bit encryption, so patient data is secure at rest and in- flight, whether it’s on a local Freedom Filer or in the cloud. This is one reason that the Panzura Freedom is used by the NIST, the organization that certifies FIPS.

Real-Time File Access

Doctors often need to consult with specialists in different locations. Having the ability to securely share data in real time is a critical requirement for life-saving medical systems. The Panzura Freedom stores data in private or public cloud storage and caches the active files locally for immediate access so that data is always available when and where it is needed.

Reduced Storage and Storage Costs.

Managing and supporting a large IT infrastructure is a burden to the healthcare industry. Storing and serving large, unstructured files is a significant part of this problem. By centralizing that data in private or public cloud storage with a Panzura Distributed Cloud File System, the total storage footprint and associated costs can be reduced by up to 90%.

Long Term Data Archival.

With some medical records having a regulatory retention requirement of “permanent”, an affordable long-term archive is critical. With the Panzura Freedom healthcare providers can take advantage of low-cost, highly reliable archive storage while retaining the ability to quickly access current data.

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