Media and Entertainment

High Performance for Large File Sharing and Collaboration

Consolidate Large Files in the Cloud

The rapid growth of data driven by 4K video, 3D images, and other large media files is overwhelming local NAS. Worse, users cannot efficiently share files across locations. Panzura Freedom NAS consolidates these files to scalable cloud storage.

Share Files Across the Globe

Panzura Freedom NAS enables users anywhere in the world to quickly access even the largest files. As edits and updates are made in one location they are immediately made consistent in every other location. All users have access to the latest versions with data consolidated in the cloud as a single source of truth.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Real-time global file locking enables users in distributed locations to work on the same files simultaneously. Now editors, artists, and others can work together as if they are in the same room, even if they countries apart.

Simplified Backup and Disaster Recovery

Freedom NAS dramatically simplifies data back and disaster recovery. All data is consolidated in the cloud as a single source of truth and is protected by the durability and availability of the cloud. As files are edited, they are protected through an unlimited number of snapshots.

In the event of a disaster, data is always safe and secure in the cloud. Every other Freedom NAS in the file system always has access to all data, so recovery is quick and easy.

On-Demand Scalability

Never worry about large media files consuming too much capacity again. Freedom NAS provides virtually unlimited, on-demand capacity expansion using scalable cloud storage. Local caching provides high performance access to files whenever they are needed.

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