Media & Entertainment

The ultimate in cloud performance for lightning fast sharing and realtime collaboration on mega-sized files.

The rapid growth of data driven by 4K video, 3D images, and other large media files is overwhelming local storage options. Worse, users cannot efficiently share files across locations.

Share Files Across The Globe. Right Now.

Panzura lets everyone in your network quickly access even the largest files. As edits and updates are made in one location they are immediately synced to every other location, so your entire team has has access to the latest versions, while a master file is held in the cloud as a single source of truth.

True Global Collaboration

Panzura’s unique real time file locking capability enforces a global file lock, where the entire file can only be edited by one user at a time. No versions, no duplicates and no frustration. And, where applications support it, users can lock just the file elements they are editing, allowing global teams to work collaboratively.

Simplified Backup and Disaster Recovery

Panzura dramatically simplifies data back and disaster recovery. All data is consolidated in the cloud as a single source of truth and is protected by the durability and availability of the cloud. As files are edited, they are protected through an unlimited number of snapshots. Every Panzura filer in the file system always has access to all data, so recovery in the event of any failure is quick and easy.

On-Demand Scalability

Never worry about large media files consuming too much capacity again. Panzura provides virtually unlimited, on-demand capacity expansion using scalable cloud storage. Local caching provides high performance access to files whenever they are needed.