Large File Distribution

Companies in industries such as Oil and Gas, and Media and Entertainment need to transfer large, high-value files between global locations to generate revenue.

Companies in industries such as Oil and Gas, and Media and Entertainment need to transfer large, high-value files between global locations to generate revenue. Synchronizing or replicating these large files between global offices isn’t easy, however. Even as network bandwidth increases, data storage is expected to grow 800% over the next five years. Traditional solutions designed for peer-to-peer replication or disaster recovery can take hours to copy large files, leaving otherwise productive employees waiting for critical files to arrive. IT infrastructure is also complex and costly. Each office needs its local storage, replication solution, WAN accelerators, on-site backup, and often off-site tape backup. You end up buying capacity well ahead of when you need it, and costs multiply across sites.

What if there was a better way that gave you the economics of cloud, but also allows you to synchronize large files quickly and put data close to the users when they need it?

Large File Distribution

Panzura lets you solve the large file distribution challenge.

Panzura centralizes all the file data in all tiers across your offices and gives you a single, consistent file system that can span the globe. Data is replicated efficiently between sites using our intelligent global deduplication and caching. Even 10GB+ files can be distributed across a global network in just a few minutes.

There’s no workflow change for users, either. Panzura looks just like a local Windows filer, but is backed by a central cloud data repository and can span hundreds of sites. It’s simpler, faster, and less expensive than deploying primary, backup, and archive storage at each site, and running replication software over private networks.

By using public or private cloud storage, you can consolidate and simplify infrastructure significantly. The Panzura Hybrid NAS solution gives you several benefits:

Distribute large files in minutes. Panzura’s global deduplication and compression only send new unique blocks of data over the network. It also leverages the cloud as a distribution point, so files flow in parallel to multiple offices around the world. File distribution can be up to 100 times faster. No more waiting hours for replication to happen.

Eliminate inefficient local NAS and file servers at each office. Panzura turns your choice of public or private cloud storage into a giant “NAS in the sky” and makes it the authoritative source for all your file data, while files feel like they’re local for every user.

No more costly and complex replication solutions. Panzura synchronizes and distributes files automatically, eliminating the need for specialized replication software and expensive NAS systems at each site.

Built-in backup and disaster recovery. Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft automatically backup and archive data, so you can consolidate backup and tape archive operations from multiple sites to the cloud. Panzura also uses the cloud as the authoritative data source, and since cloud providers use redundant copies of data and multiple data centers to architect system durability into their service, your data is always recoverable.

Pay-as-you-go. With cloud, you only pay your cloud provider for the storage you need, so you can take advantage off the falling price of cloud storage and instantly scale your cloud instance as your data grows.

Large File Distribution features include:

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