Government and Legal

Performance, Scalability, and Security

Government institutions and legal firms often struggle when trying to share files between office locations. Email file-size limitations and version-control issues reduce productivity, and exponential storage growth is a major issue for IT. And, of course, security is paramount for both.

Panzura Works the Way You Do

Panzura Works the way You Do - Governmet

Consolidation and Reduction of Infrastructure

Panzura CloudFS™ consolidates unstructured data storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery in the cloud, decreasing storage costs up to 70%. AT the same time, firms have access to unlimited data storage, while being able to securely access their files in real-time.

Secured to Government Standards

You need a reliable way to store and share confidential documents. Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption is used to encrypt data stored on Panzura Filers and in the cloud. Transport layer security (TLS/ SSL) encryption technology is used to encrypt data stored on Panzura and the cloud.

Once encrypted, the data cannot be read – and even if it could, since the data is deduplicated and compressed, it still wouldn’t be readable. Panzura solutions are FIPS 140-2 compliant and when using a FedRAMP cloud, you have an end-to-end FIPS 140-2 secure solution. Your data will be securely encrypted locally, in-transit to the cloud, and in the cloud. Learn more about security and encryption.

Private Secure Sites

Organizations that support government, military, or contractors may have security restrictions that require absolutely no external communications. Private secure sites, also known as dark sites, are those sites where absolute security is a requirement.

Panzura Freedom™ supports private secure sites by fully blocking all external communications in a manner that is compliant with the most ridgid security requirements.

File Integrity

The patented global locking technology in Panzura Freedom™ prevents file versioning issues that result in lost productivity. When a file is opened in one office, it is immediately locked in every other office. Once that file is saved, it is immediately available for use by others. Learn more about our patented global locking technology.

Cloud Peace of Mind

Concerned about data spillage? To be certain that important data is properly erased, Panzura provides the strongest level of data destruction, equivalent to destroying the actual disks themselves. Secure Erase follows the guidelines for media sanitization as set out in the Special Publication 800-88 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Panzura secure erase is able to delete all traces of legal records stored in the cloud. Learn more about secure erase.

Disaster Recovery

With Panzura, all files are stored in the cloud. If there is a loss of an office, files can be accessed via a Panzura Freedom Filer at a different office, or by starting a virtual Freedom Filer instance in the cloud. Learn more about how Panzura supports your backup and dr processes.

Panzura is committed to the delivering highly secure solutions for government and legal organizations. For more information, read the Inherent Data Protection white paper, the Protect Your Enterprise from Ransomware eBook, and the Security Considerations for Unstructured Data in the Cloud eBook.

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