Global Software Development

Software companies want to leverage the cost and resource benefits of leveraging global development and testing teams, but then often suffer through the 10 plus hours it takes to distribute large build files and artifacts globally. Team productivity suffers and software releases are delayed as a result. A company like Kofax relies on Panzura’s hybrid cloud storage to cut build transfer times by 95% and simplify IT infrastructure dramatically in the process.

Global Software Development and Testing Workflows are Slow

For many companies that develop and design products, linking global teams together is a frustrating process, so they often operate in silos. It’s common to see:

Build distribution that can take up to 24 hours to complete when data transfers fail

Engineering managers frustrated with reduced productivity caused by the limited number of test cycles that can be completed

Distributed development and QA teams working in silos because they can’t share files easily

IT constantly on the hook to add more storage and bandwidth to speed up build transfers

Accelerate Global Product Development

With Panzura, software and product companies with global operations can:

  • Achieve faster time to market and drive additional revenue
  • Distribute and share global software builds and other large files 95% faster by using global deduplication technology
  • Increase developer and QA productivity by increasing test cycles
  • Enable low cost-effective global QA, development and product teams

Panzura also reduces IT cost and complexity by:

  • Reducing the overall unstructured data footprint by up to 90% faster by using global deduplication technology
  • Simplifying storage infrastructure by consolidating backup, tape, archive into the cloud
  • Increasing data integrity and security by encrypting data at rest and in-transit
  • Eliminating costly MPLS lines and network congestion by using cloud distribution

DevOps, test and QA teams are more productive because Panzura:

  • Enables teams to practice continuous delivery and continuous testing even if not is a full DevOps model
  • Enables remote build capabilities without the dependency of remote data mounts, reducing remote build times significantly

Software development is moving faster and across more geographies than ever before!

  • 80% of development teams use agile methodologies
  • 72% of development teams are distributed
  • 65% of development teams practice continuous delivery

You can learn more about Panzura’s technology and features here.

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