Financial Services

As financial institutions modernize their IT infrastructure and expand their data storage by leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, data protection and regulatory compliance are paramount.

As traditional NAS struggles to cost-effectively contain the sheer volume of data being produced, the pressure is mounting to move every application to the cloud. With that comes the potential expense of having to rewrite legacy applications to allow them to function in a cloud environment. With Panzura, you can migrate without rewriting a single line of code.

Immediate Data Consistency

Panzura stores data as a single source of truth in the cloud while caching data in local filers at or near all of your locations. That means changes made at any location are synced to the cloud and to every other location in your network within 60 seconds, as well as being immediately available to any location on request.

Data Protection

Panzura encryption has achieved the highest level of data security certification by meeting the FIPS 140-2 standard, accepted by military, law enforcement, and government intelligence agencies. And, our cloud partners hold the same certification, so your data is secure in cloud storage, at the local filer and in transit.

Migrate Without Rewrite

File based applications can access data in the cloud without rewriting the application or making changes to existing workflows, allowing your move to the cloud to be fast, seamless and extremely cost effective. 

Consolidate Your Data

Panzura’s cloud storage solution lets you consolidate all of your unstructured data in the cloud, eliminating data silos and giving you one portal for management.

Active Archive, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Automated snapshots at 60 second intervals give you an effective recovery point objective of 60 seconds or less at any time. And, because your archived data is also stored in the cloud, data restoration is quick, straightforward and ensures you can keep on working.

Data Deduplication and Compression

Before moving any of your changed data into the cloud, we deduplicate and compress it.  Not only does that avoid data replication, it cuts down on bandwidth demands, speeds up the syncing process by moving less data and saves on overall storage space.

Complete Data Security

Panzura supports private and dark clouds and vitally, allows you to keep your ports closed so your data is secured, safe and compliant. Additionally, our immutable data architecture makes you invulnerable to ransomware and other cyber attacks by providing a recovery point objective of 60 seconds or less.

Secure Erasure

To ensure data is properly erased when required, Panzura Secure Erase is able to delete all traces of legal records stored in the cloud. Secure Erase follows the guidelines for media sanitization as set out in the Special Publication 800-88 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).