Cloud Disaster Recovery for Database Backups

Reduce Costs, Simplify Management, Accelerate Recovery, Achieve Compliance

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The Challenge With Legacy Database Backups and DR

Legacy enterprise database backups struggle with the conflicting needs of high-performance recovery and affordable, secure, long-term storage. The result is often a combination of solutions that is complex and costly.

Needs of DBAs

Database administrators are tasked with keeping the database running with maximum performance and availability.

They need immediate recovery from backup. Typically they backup to local NAS storage, resulting in siloed data that must be managed separately.

Needs of IT

IT is responsible for maintaining long term backups that affordably meet regulatory compliance requirements.

They need long term storage that is secure, affordable, and can meet the goals of the overall organization. Backups are usually done to tape or other media.

The result is multiple backups are performed with different solutions, creating an expensive, complex system that is difficult to manage, full of redundancy, and may leave the organization out of compliance.

Panzura Freedom Cloud DR and Database Backup

In a cloud-first world, why would you target your database backups to tape, nearline disks, or other local solutions when you can easily target the cloud? Panzura Freedom gives you a high-performance backup target that puts your data in the cloud for secure, long-term retention with immediate restore options anywhere.

Freedom provides high-performance NFS and SMB mount points to backup enterprise databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. All files are safely stored in the cloud where they can take advantage of unrivaled availability and durability. All data is protected with enterprise-grade FIPS 140-2 encryption to ensure compliance with the strictest regulatory governance. Since data is protected in the cloud, disaster recovery is as simple as connecting a Panzura Freedom instance from any location.

From Complex and Costly to Simple and Cost-Effective

Bottom line, Panzura can save you up to 70% cost versus legacy database backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Panzura can save you up to 70% cost

For more information, download the use case brief and infographic today.

Panzura Freedom Cloud DR for Database Backups Benefits

Local All Flash Recovery

Backup and log files are cached locally on high performance flash media for immediate data recovery

Eliminate Tape Backup

Since data is safely stored in the cloud, organizations never have to backup to tape again

High Performance NFS

Recover Oracle database files quickly with advanced features for maximum NFS acceleration

Microsoft SQL Server

Local flash caching with enhanced support for SMB provides fast, easy backup and recovery for SQL

Simplify Management

Consolidate data in the cloud and eliminate redundant backup and DR processes, reducing costs and simplifying management processes


FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and self-encrypting drives provide complete security. Encryption at rest and in transit provides immediate compliance

Recover Anywhere

Cloud protected data can be recovered from any location with a Freedom Instance

Global HA

Unique global HA offers hardware high availability failover from any location

Replace Legacy NAS


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