Cross-Site Collaboration for CAD/CAM

Empower a Globally Distributed Workforce to Collaborate in Real-Time

Panzura Cross-Site Collaboration

The Challenges with Collaboration

Global Workforce

Users were once located in a central office and could take advantage of legacy NAS data sharing. Today, those users are spread across the globe. As projects come on-line, bringing talent into corporate or regional offices can be a challenging and expensive process.

Local, Not Distributed NAS

Legacy NAS infrastructure adds to the problem. Easily able to share data locally, legacy NAS cannot effectively share large data sets across distance. The time required to transmit data across distance can make file sharing slow or even impossible.

Simultaneous File Access

As files have grown increasingly large and complex, the ability to access and edit different portions of a single file by multiple users at the same time has become common. Consistent, global file locking is required; versioning leads to data corruption.

Real-Time Matters

Panzura Freedom Collaboration™ solves these challenges by consolidating 100% of unstructured data in the cloud and providing real-time global file and byte-range locking with immediate consistency. Users distributed across the world gain the ability to work on the same files simultaneously.

Global File Locking

When local users try to open a file that is in use, they receive a file lock message and an option to open the file as read only. Panzura Global File Locking extends this functionality to any user, anywhere.

Byte-Range Locking

Modern applications that use large files can support byte-range locking. This features allows users to check out part of a file while other users work on a different part of the same file.

Immediate Consistency

Only Panzura supports real time data consistency on a global basis. Unique, patented technology enables Panzura to provide immediate data consistency to every user in every location.

For more information, see the Freedom Collaboration page, download the Freedom Collaboration datasheet or the Freedom Family solution brief or watch the video Panzura in Two Minutes.

Freedom Collaboration Delivers Value to Your Enterprise

Consolidate unstructured data storage

By consolidating data in the cloud, the islands of storage created by legacy NAS systems are eliminated, significantly reducing costs, simplifying management, and eliminating backup processes.

Accelerate project delivery

As globally distributed users can work on projects simultaneously, delays caused by slow file opens due to a complex data synchronization process are eliminated and project delivery is accelerated.

On-demand resources

As new projects are taken on, use the right people and resources for those projects. If a project requires users to be in a remote facility, Freedom Collaboration can enable those users to get immediate access to the data they need, where they need it.

Eliminate backup and DR

Freedom Collaboration stores 100% of unstructured data in the cloud, which can offer 13 9s or greater durability. Automated, space-efficient snapshots provide point-in-time data recovery with a near-zero RPO for fast, simple recovery that eliminates the need for replication and backup processes.

On-demand scalability

Never over buy capacity again by using cloud storage that can scale on-demand to meet the needs of any dataset. Take advantage of cloud storage costs as they decline over time.

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