Cloud Migration and Standardization

Easily Migrate and Standardize Across Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

For successful cloud migration, enterprise customers need a way to migrate without rewriting apps, enhance performance and achieve high availability of data while reducing costs and simplifying management

Challenges with Cloud Migration

Rewrite of Existing Applications

Migrating existing application to cloud compute platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud) or private modern cloud architectures based on object storage is complex and cumbersome

Enterprise adoption of cloud services requires that the applications be rewritten to store data in an object store through a RESTful API

Lack of sufficient file services for cloud hinders app, file, and data mapping to cloud architecture

Data Locality for Apps and Users

Cloud migration requires exhaustive planning to ensure data locality

It is a time intensive process where data needs to be fully synced prior to shifting from on-prem to in-cloud

Customers are forced to do an all-or-nothing move vs making a gradual shift per workflow

Changes to Existing Workflows

Moving applications from on-prem to in-cloud architectures can adversely affect existing workflows

Cloud migration changes how data is collected, analyzed, and consumed

Customers may migrate apps and data workflows based on least impact vs business needs

Unified In-Cloud and On-Prem Storage Makes
Cloud Migrations Easy

Enterprise NAS in the Cloud

Enterprise NAS functionality, consolidating data in the cloud while providing a unified access layer for both in-cloud and on-prem global access. File access for both NFS v3/v4 and SMB v1/v2/v3 protocols. Line rate performance from 1Gbps to 20Gbps is available to both users and applications. Filers can be deployed within a single cloud or a multi-cloud environment

Integrating with Existing Security Systems

The Freedom filers integrate with existing Active Directory (AD) and Kerberos environments. All data is fully encrypted both in flight and at rest using customer supplied certificates. Encryption certificates can be managed with customer KMIP services or directly on the Freedom filers allowing customers to independently encrypt their data without having to trust the cloud provider itself. Panzura’s Freedom series products are FIPS-140-2 and HIPAA certified

Purpose Built for the Cloud

Unlike legacy NAS solutions where cloud is an afterthought, the Freedom filer product line was architected from the ground up for the cloud with its distributed CloudFS file system. All data stored on the Freedom filer is immediately stored and consolidated into the cloud while providing fast access both in-cloud and on-prem. With 30+ patents granted around its cloud file system, Panzura makes the adoption of cloud technology seamless, performant, and simple

Panzura Resources

Global File Distribution

Save up to 70% by migrating without rewrite, enhancing performance in multi-cloud and consolidating management.

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