Cloud App and Data Migration

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Panzura Hybrid Cloud NAS

Challenges with Cloud Migration

Rewrite of Existing Applications

Storage in a cloud architecture is based on object storage solutions such as AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, IBM COS or Dell/EMC’s ECS. This is great for applications originally designed for the cloud but what about the rest or even most of your existing applications? Enterprise adoption of cloud services is greatly hindered by the need to rewrite these applications specifically for cloud architecture. This is largely due to the lack of sufficient file services existing in the cloud. Some application file and data requirements do not easily map to cloud architectures at all without impacting performance or collaborative functions.

Data Must be in Close Proximity to the Application and Users

Both users and applications work best when they are close to the data itself. This results in the need to identify specific workflows or applications that can migrate with minimal impact to the business. Data is at the heart of such migrations and it takes time to migrate the data to the cloud. Implementing a clean cut over requires that the data be fully synced prior to shifting from on-prem to in-cloud which also forces an all-or-nothing move on a per-application basis when in reality a gradual shift per workflow is what is really needed.

Changes to Existing Workflows

Moving applications from on-prem to in-cloud architectures can adversely affect existing workflows. This can force changes in where and how data is collected, analyzed and consumed both for user-machine-based workflows. Because both applications and users work best when close to the data, wholesale changes to where that data resides ultimately forces changes in related workflows. This flips the strategy in selecting which applications can move to the cloud based on least impact rather than driven by business needs.

Unified In-Cloud and On-Prem Storage Makes Cloud Migrations Easy

Enterprise NAS in the Cloud

The Freedom filer provides Enterprise NAS functionality, consolidating data in the cloud while providing a unified access layer for both in-cloud and on-prem global access. File access is provided for both NFS v3/v4 and SMB v1/v2/v3 protocols supporting both UNIX and Windows environments. Line rate performance from 1Gbps to 10Gbps is available to both users and applications as needed. Multiple filers can be deployed for multisite or multi-region requirements to meet scale-out needs. Filers can be deployed within a single cloud vendor environment or across multiple cloud vendors allowing customers the flexibility to realize each vendor’s unique benefits based on either economic or technology drivers.

Integrating with Existing Security Systems

TThe Freedom filers integrate with existing Active Directory (AD) and Kerberos environments so that existing applications can be easily shifted to the cloud. All data is fully encrypted both in flight and at rest using customer supplied certificates. Encryption certificates can be managed with customer KMIP services or directly on the Freedom filers allowing customers to independently encrypt their data without having to trust the cloud provider itself. Panzura’s Freedom series products are FIPS-140-2 and HIPAA certified.

Purpose Built for In-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Workflows

Legacy NAS solutions are scrambling to extend existing products and solutions to plug into the cloud in order to meet market demand for cloud migration projects. In many cases the cloud is an afterthought and as such these solutions provide tiered extensions into the cloud or support only a limited subset of features. The Freedom filer product line was architected from the ground up for the cloud with its distributed CloudFS file system. All data stored on the Freedom filer is immediately stored and consolidated into the cloud while providing fast access both in-cloud and on-prem where needed. With 30+ patents granted around its cloud file system, Panzura makes the adoption of cloud technology seamless, performant and simple.

For more information, see the Freedom Collaboration page, download the Freedom Collaboration datasheet or the Freedom Family solution brief or watch the video Panzura in Two Minutes.

Freedom to Migrate to the Cloud without Rewriting Applications

Migrate to the Cloud without Rewriting Applications

By providing standard Enterprise NAS functionality both in-cloud and on-prem, existing applications don’t need to be rewritten for cloud object storage in order to migrate to the cloud.

Consolidate Storage in the Cloud

Freedom filers consolidate 100% of unstructured data in the cloud simplifying management, eliminating scalability issues, and improving performance across physical sites and in-cloud regions.

Enterprise File Service In-Cloud and On-Prem

Panzura’s distributed CloudFS file system puts the data where its needed, next to the applications and users both in-cloud and on-prem.

Eliminate backup and DR processes

Replication and backup processes consume both time and resources. They are difficult to manage and result in multiple, redundant copies of data. By consolidating data in the cloud, data is protected through the high durability of the cloud. Enterprise snapshots provide point in time data restoration for fast recovery.

Enable Global Access in Your Organization


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