Panzura Freedom NAS Filer: Technology in Detail

Panzura Freedom NAS Filer: Technology in Detail

The Panzura Freedom Filer provides today’s enterprise with a cluster based solution that spans data centers, office sites and compute clouds enabling local, hybrid and in-cloud data workflows for NFS, SMB, and mobile clients. Panzura’s software-defined storage solution provides local performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of ... Read More

A Buyer’s Guide to Hybrid Cloud NAS

The Hybrid Cloud NAS looks and acts just like the traditional enterprise NAS you have in your datacenter, and looks like a standard Windows file share to your applications and users. But unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructure, the hybrid cloud NAS is designed to span offices around the globe. In this guide, you will learn about what a cloud-backed Hybrid NAS is, why you need one and the key requirements you should consider when evaluating a hybrid cloud NAS.
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ESG Solution Showcase: Dramatic IT Simplification with Seamless Cloud Integration

The rise of public cloud services has fundamentally altered the IT infrastructure landscape. The effects of this shift have disrupted few sectors more than the data storage segment. Faced with ever-increasing capacity demands, the status quo of the traditional storage array is no longer sustainable for many organizations. ... Read More
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Panzura CloudFS: Caching and Pinning whitepaper

Panzura CloudFS: Caching and Pinning

One of the key challenges in deploying cloud storage and centralizing capacity is managing the performance experience for user and machine-requested data. Latency and low-availability can become a significant drag on cloud adoption. Panzura Intelligent Read Cache (IRC) and SmartCache (pre-population and/or pinning of data) capabilities maximize system ... Read More
Metadata white paper


Metadata can be defined as “data that describes and gives information about other data”. In the case of a file system, the metadata is used to describe directories, files, and file attributes. Particular file attributes include file size, creation date, last modified date, file owner, and file access permissionsThe purpose of this white paper is to describe Panzura’s patented technology for sharing metadata, and how it forms the foundation of the Panzura Global File System.
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To unlock the power of Cloud Storage – File Versioning vs. Locking

Storage Switzerland – To Unlock the Power of Cloud Storage – File Versioning vs. Locking

Private or hybrid cloud file sharing provides many business benefits over traditional on-premise network attached storage. It enables organizations to consolidate infrastructure and remove duplicate silos of storage from multiple sites and office locations. Cloud file sharing reduces storage costs, simplifies storage management and reduces risk as data can be centrally managed and protected. It also helps improve user productivity and enables collaboration as data is readily accessible regardless of where the end users are located. However, ensuring that files can’t be accidentally overwritten or deleted is critical to the integrity of the data and the success of a cloud based file sharing initiative.
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AutoCAD Theory of Operation & Best Practices

CAD Theory of Operation & Best Practices

Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) firms large and small struggle in providing adequate infrastructure to allow its users sufficient performance to satisfy even the most basic functionality such as file open and save. Panzura Cloud Storage Controllers offer a high performance and cost-effective method that seamlessly integrates with CAD. By leveraging Panzura, AEC organizations with users dispersed across multiple geographies can share CAD files as though the data is always right next to them. This document describes a set of best practices along with a contextual background on how everything works.
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Panzura Global Cloud Storage System: Global File Locking

Global File Locking

From our inception, Panzura understood that file locking is critical to delivering local NAS features from globally-distributed storage. Storage companies are discovering that providing an elegant, seamless, and robust globalized cloud storage solution that closely mimics a local NAS user experience is far from trivial, especially if trying to retrofit systems not designed for cloud storage. This paper describes Panzura's unique ability to provide global storage with local NAS attributes through deep integration of distributed locking into the very fabric of our global file system.
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Snapshot Technology Brief

Technology Brief – Snapshots

Panzura has addressed three requirements by innovating and applying new continuous snapshot technology that provides both consistency and currency across the global file system along with ongoing inherent data replication to supplement or replace standard backup methodologies.
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Inherent Data Protection White Paper

Inherent Data Protection – How the Panzura System Protects Information Without Backups

Backup and disaster recovery (DR) equipment, software, and processes typically represent one of the largest percentages of an overall storage budget. One of the benefits of the Panzura System is the ability for storage architects and administrators to radically simplify and cost reduce their data protection schemes without sacrificing any of the underlying protections. This white paper discusses the elements of a solid data protection plan, how they are typically implemented, and how the model changes when deploying the Panzura System in conjunction with a private or public storage cloud.
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Panzura Cloud Integrated Storage White Paper

Global Cloud-Integrated Storage

Explore the history of storage advancements related to data access, where they have fallen short of meeting the needs of today’s global enterprise, the challenges faced by administrators attempting to enable information sharing across their organization, and how Panzura addresses this growing need.
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