The Hidden Costs of the Storage Status Quo

The Hidden Costs of the Storage Status Quo With unstructured data growing at 30% or more per year, organizations are finding the traditional mechanisms of storing and managing data unable to keep pace. Still, despite this, many IT organizations are choosing to stay with the same basic storage ... Read More

Learn to Solve Cross-Site CAD Collaboration Issues

Learn to Solve Cross-Site CAD Collaboration Issues Learn how Milwaukee Tool reduced AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS and HD video file open times for its global offices from hours to just seconds while ensuring file integrity — and cut storage costs by over $40,000 per shelf in the process. View the ... Read More

Key Requirements for Next Gen Storage & File Sharing

Join Guest speaker Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., Eric Quinn, IT Director at C&S Companies, and Rich Weber, Chief Strategy Officer at Panzura, as they discuss the key requirements for Next Generation Global File Storage.

ACEC Webinar: Collaborating Using the Cloud

ACEC Webinar: Collaborating Using the Cloud Watch this ACEC class featuring Andy Knauf of top AEC Firm, Mead & Hunt, and learn: How to go from on-premise storage to cloud storage; How to get buy-in from management and users; How to cut the IT budget by moving data ... Read More

Virtualizing AEC Skillsets across Distributed Sites

Virtualizing AEC Skillsets across Distributed Sites Leading architecture and engineering firm, Hanson Professional Services (ENR #163), joins Panzura in a recorded webinar to discuss the BIM and CAD collaboration challenges they faced when they went from having entire project teams in a single office to project teams spanning ... Read More

Improving AEC Application Performance with Centralized Storage

AEC firms frequently encounter challenges when they try to rein in storage costs for their distributed project teams. Join us for this webinar as we outline commonly encountered problems, why traditional approaches often have failed, and how newly available cloud technologies can be leveraged to cleanly address these problems. Specific technology will be discussed, as well as a real world example from exp on how they have addressed several common AEC related challenges.

Eliminating the CAD File Open Problem over a WAN

Leading AEC firm, C&S Companies joins Panzura to discuss how to eliminate the headaches associated with the ever-persistent CAD “File Open” problem with centralized storage in a distributed office environment. Discussed are common issues associated with AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit and Bentley Microstation and find out how C&S solved these issues with Panzura to boost end-user productivity and reduce wait times.

Cal State Univ, Northridge Moves Data Storage to the Cloud

Research and higher-ed institutions are struggling with demands for greater, more accessible storage but with tighter budgets. California State University, Northridge (CSUN), turned to Panzura and San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Cloud to overcome these conflicting requirements and ensure that its data was protected efficiently and securely.

Google & Panzura Webinar: Leveraging the Industry’s Highest Performance Cloud Storage Platform

In order to tap into the full potential of cloud storage, you must make sure you deploy the most optimized platform to ensure an optimal user experience across a wide variety of use cases. Combining Panzura with Google Cloud Storage leverages the capacity, robustness, and reach of the Google infrastructure along with the high-performance global NAS capabilities from Panzura technology to provide unmatched security, availability, integration and performance.

Healthcare Realty Webinar: Swapping VDI with Cloud Storage for Dramatic Productivity Gains

For Healthcare Realty (HR), their VDI solution was buckling under user demands for remote data access. They needed a real-time global content access platform connecting users at their 30 sites to critical data and investigated several possible platforms, including the cloud. The Panzura Global Cloud Storage System and EMC Atmos cloud provides HR with rapid global access by all users to all data, anytime, anywhere, while ensuring data security, instant scalability, and full local NAS features.

Relativity Media-451 Research-Panzura Cloud Storage Webinar

This webinar presents 451 Research's Henry Baltazar describing the latest storage trends and Relativity Media's Senior VP of Technology reviewing their infrastructure and the process they followed to evaluate and adopt cloud storage. A review of Panzura is also included. Recorded 06-14-2012.
DWA webinar opening screen

DreamWorks HP Panzura Cloud Storage Webinar

This webinar features Ryan Granard of DreamWorks Animation discussing their IT environment and challenges, the decision process that led them to public cloud storage, and the lessons learned from that process. It also features solution descriptions from HP and Panzura. Recorded 09-11-2012.