Timmons Group Case Study

Timmons Group Improves Data Consolidation, Boosts Collaboration By Leveraging Panzura Freedom Collaboration and Panzura Freedom Archive

With 16 offices across the United States bringing various Engineering and technological projects to life, it’s important that Timmons Group team members are able to collaborate efficiently via a reliable IT infrastructure. That’s why Timmons Group decided to implement Panzura Freedom Collaboration and Freedom Archive to consolidate their ... Read More
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Mead & Hunt Case Study with Panzura and Workspot

Panzura and Workspot Help Drive Mead & Hunt’s Rapid Growth, Simplify IT Infrastructure

Mead & Hunt is a successful American based consulting, design, engineering, and architectural firm, providing clients with award-winning solutions for 100+ years from its more than 30 offices across the US. By taking advantage of modern, built-for-the-cloud era solutions from Panzura and Workspot, Mead & Hunt has been ... Read More
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Panzura Freedom Collaboration Gave Packers Plus Independence From Data Centers

Packers Plus Case Study

Packers Plus, a Calgary-based oil and gas services company that manufactures oil completions technologies. Driven to create advanced technology to optimize well stimulation, Packers Plus provides the tools that go into oil wells once they’ve been drilled in order to deliver results around the world. Download the case ... Read More
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Goop Case Study

Goop Case Study

Goop, a modern lifestyle brand develops content and curates products across beauty, fashion, wellness, and home. With hundreds of products in their database, goop IT team needed an efficient way to manage a large collection of files, apps and data. Enter Panzura Freedom NAS, which provided goop with ... Read More
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Panzura - AF Case Study

ÅF Case Study

ÅF is a Swedish engineering and design company in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure. Formed in 1895, it is one of the biggest consulting companies in Sweden. ÅF needed to ensure their data was standardized and that they had a collaboration backup solution in place. ÅF ... Read More
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Austin-Smith: Lord Case Study

Austin-Smith: Lord Case Study

Austin-Smith: Lord Architects are a multi-disciplinary design practice providing architecture, urban design, master-planning, conservation, landscape architecture, planning, sustainability, and interiors. The architectural staff needed to work collaboratively across multiple locations on the same documents at the same time. Thanks to Panzura’s distributed file and byte-range locking, latency between ... Read More
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DoD Contractor Case Study

DoD Contractor Case Study

A leading contractor for the Department of Defense needed a solution that would enable them to collaborate on the same files in real-time. Perhaps more importantly, as a government contractor, they needed to upgrade security to meet strict NIST 800 -171 requirements. After evaluating a number of solutions, they chose Panzura Freedom Collaboration to meet all of their requirements.
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Chevron Case Study

Chevron Case Study

Headquartered in the United States, Chevron is high on the Fortune 500 listing, with 2011 revenues exceeding several billion dollars. For oil and gas producing companies like Chevron, the ability to execute on a global scale brings with it significant challenges. With Panzura Freedom Archive, Chevron saw immediate results such as unlimited storage, faster database dumps to the cloud, consolidation of data, and multi-million dollars of savings a year.
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TLC Engineering Case Study - Freedom Collaboration

TLC Engineering Case Study

TLC Engineering for Architecture is a dynamic engineering firm with a diversity of talent, expertise, and skill to deliver design projects that span the major markets and around the world. With more than 60 years of experience, multiple offices, a commitment to sustainable design, and an enthusiastic embrace of leading-edge technology, TLC ranks among the largest and most respected engineering firms in the nation.
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HLW International Case Study - Freedom Collaboration

HLW International Case Study

With over 125 years of continuous operation, HLW is one of the oldest design firms in New York. They started out doing work for Bell Labs when it was actually run by Alexander Graham Bell. Today they continue that trend, doing design work from some of the world’s leading tech companies, including Panasonic and HP. During that time they have learned the importance of collaboration.
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Woodard & Curran Case Study

Woodard & Curran Case Study

Woodard & Curran had dual NetApps at each location using SnapMirror to replicate to another site. To assist with the replication, they used Riverbed WAN Acceleration plus MPLS. Woodard replaced all of this legacy infrastructure by moving all of its unstructured data to the cloud and caching active data on a Panzura device at each of its 20 offices. Woodard & Curran saved $225K per year on MPLS alone while doubling the bandwidth, as well as another $10K per office per year by not upgrading their NetApp, SnapMirror, and Riverbed.
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Milwaukee Tool Case Study

Milwaukee Tool Case Study

Milwaukee Tool knew it was time to take a hammer to their current way of collaborating. It was taking 30 to 40 minutes for users in China to open CAD and video files over the network, and there were constant file consistency issues when users tried to work on the same file. Their existing storage infrastructure couldn’t meet the collaboration needs of the company’s 1,000-plus employees distributed across 18 locations in the United States and China.
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Miami Marlins Case Study

Miami Marlins Case Study

For the Marlins, this also means the best available data (video, statistical, financial, etc.) regarding the team, its players, the opposition, and the league—and the ability to distribute and share it seamlessly throughout the organization. Data collection and its evaluation are key components to the Marlins’ success.
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GRAEF-USA Case Study

GRAEF Case Study

Like most companies, each of GRAEF’s six offices had disk-based storage for primary and secondary storage as well as tape for archive. In spite of having 80 terabytes of storage at their disposal, the company was finding it still wasn’t enough.
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Breaking Collaboration Silos - Dowco Case Study

Dowco Case Study

“We use a follow-the-sun model for production that helps us stay competitive. It’s one of the reasons we have high speed network links between our offices,” said Ron Cuthbert, General Manager at Dowco. But, users had to work on local copies of Tekla Structures project files during their work hours, then transfer large files daily between locations. Dowco had already invested in highend CAD workstations, fast networks, and a significant amount of storage to support this workflow, but issues still arose.
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Case Study - Gettys Achieves Global Collaboration

Gettys Group Case Study

The design professionals at Gettys needed to collaborate across offices in CAD/BIM applications, Adobe Creative Cloud and SketchUp. The company had deployed Globalscape WAFS to replicate files between offices, but data corruption was a common issue with so many sites. Shugarman had to regularly restore files from backup, and users were making multiple copies of files. “It was an absolute and utter nightmare.”
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Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) Case Study

EUA Case Study

EUA was tired of cross-site collaboration issues, disaster recovery (DR)/back-up challenges, and being on a primary storage treadmill. The Company decided it was time for a change.
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Wright-Pierce Case Study

Wright-Pierce Case Study

Engineers and designers needed to collaborate across offices, but despite continued investments in WAN optimization and fiber network links, many applications were still not fast enough. After deploying Panzura one of the relatively new CAD Designers said, “Today’s been the best day of work at Wright-Pierce since I started!”
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Essex Property Trust Case Study

Essex Property Trust Case Study

In early 2013, Essex was hampered by slow file access between its main office in Palo Alto and its branch offices in Woodland Hills, Irvine and San Diego, California, and Bellevue, Washington. The different branch offices were accessing their files over slow VPN connections and suffered from extensive performance issues with the large Excel, Word and other standard file services, which could grow to between two and three gigabytes.
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Hanson Professional Services Case Study

Hanson Professional Services Case Study

Several years ago, Hanson Professional Services Inc. restructured and went from having entire project teams in a single office to spanning project teams across numerous offices. This company restructuring caused a data-set restructuring. Project data formerly stored in one office had to be available across multiple offices for sharing and collaboration.
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Bolton & Menk Case Study

Bolton & Menk Case Study

Project files are sized up to 50 MB. Moving files back and forth between engineering groups created consistency issues with multiple copies at different remote sites. Trying to maintain version control was nearly impossible.
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La Crosse Technical Consultants Case Study

LTC Case Study

LTC hosts all its work data in its Los Angeles data center, with most of the actual detailing work being done in one of its two remote offices—West Salem, Wisconsin, which has 15 end users, and Cebu, Philippines, with an additional 30 end users
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AEC Case Study Bundle

AEC Case Study Bundle

For most AEC firms, data acquisition is increasing at an exponential pace. Files are growing in size and complexity, with end users spread across the globe. Transferring, opening, and maintaining these files is proving to be a business-critical requirement. Protecting and securing data from a crippling disaster event, especially data residing at remote sites, also is critically important.
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Mead & Hunt Case Study

Mead & Hunt Case Study

For existing offices or new ones, data access and security, controllable costs, and ease of use are now standard expectations. With the Panzura solution in place, Mead & Hunt have been able to execute the company’s expansion in a quick, secure, and cost efficient manner.
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Healthcare Reality Case Study

Healthcare Realty Case Study

Leading real estate investment trust, Healthcare Realty, utilizes Panzura for fast, efficient file sharing and performance. The Panzura solution provided HR with a cloud-integrated NAS that fits seamlessly into HR’s existing applications and workflows and appears as just another network drive with unlimited capacity for all users worldwide, supporting standard Windows drive and file operations.
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exp Case Study

exp Case Study

Trying to manage and protect multiple, disjointed islands of storage across sites can be a significant drain on both IT personnel and budgets. Panzura’s globally distributed and synchronized file system integrates seamlessly with exp’s existing in-house infrastructure and provides cross-site integration via the cloud, thereby addressing CAD file access (File Open Problem), performance issues, and long-term cost viability.
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Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) Case Study

DS+R Case Study

To upgrade its storage infrastructure to meet 21st century demands, DS+R implemented the Panzura Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller, along with Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), as the basis for its cloud network attached storage (NAS). The company utilized the new storage design for a multitude of purposes, including secondary NAS, data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity.
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