Case Studies

Organizations around the world use Panzura’s global cloud file system to modernize data storage, master collaborative file sharing in real-time, become ransomware-resistant, and replace backup and disaster recovery processes, all while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Anatomy of the Ransomware Attack – Protection & Recovery with Panzura

Recovering From Ransomware

This is a true story about a ransomware attack on a Panzura customer, with a deep dive into how it was contained, damage assessed and clean data recovered, without substantial data loss or downtime, or paying a ransom.

Panzura, Ingleton Wood and Symetri

Ingleton Wood

“As a cloud-based system, Panzura gives us all the associated benefits of scalability and storage. Everything is now smoother and faster – storage, backup, one set of data, and less data overall – and we’ve gained agility across the company.”

From 24 Hours to Real-Time

Replacing Dell Servers and Nimble SAN arrays with Panzura let this top tier gaming company’s designers work together across the globe, slashing the time for file updates to be visible everywhere from 24 hours, to immediate.

Pret a Manger - Panzura

Pret A Manger

Data integrity, rapid collaboration across sites and cost savings. “In simple terms, we’ve given our teams a better experience, that’s less complex to manage, and actually has a positive impact on our cost base.”

Barton Willmore

The UK’s leading independent planning and design consultancy’s file system was preventing their team from working effectively together, and managing data was becoming increasingly costly…

C&S Companies and Panzura

C&S Companies

Everyone on staff knew if you weren’t based at C&S Companies’ headquarters, you should open a file and take a coffee break. If you were lucky, the file would be ready to use when you got back.

Timmons Group - Panzura case study

Timmons Group

Multiple offices, islands of data as a result of traditional NAS solutions at each office, inability to collaborate across offices and a crashing file server led Timmons Group to look for new technology.

Mead & Hunt and Panzura

Mead & Hunt

Rapid expansion was incurring significant cost in both equipment and the IT expertise required to deploy it in each new location. Mead & Hunt needed a way to support their business growth while controlling infrastructure costs.