Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile natively integrates with Panzura Freedom hybrid cloud NAS to eliminate separate enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) and NAS filer data islands so enterprises can securely access and collaborate on centralized data globally from any Apple or Android mobile device. Enterprises accomplish this by using the same Active Directory (AD) credentials, dramatically simplifying management, improving employee productivity, and lowering overall costs versus maintaining two separate solutions.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Modern enterprise users demand data access anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With Panzura Mobile, users instantly and natively access, share, manage, edit, and create files using any iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Microsoft Windows device. Leverage data consolidated onto the Freedom platform to increase productivity, reduce costs, and achieve One Bottom Line Result.

While file sync and share solutions may offer the ability to share files, they also take data out of the control of IT. Panzura Mobile fully integrates with Panzura Freedom utilizing one global namespace and one policy for all your files.

Panzura Mobile Client Share

Enterprise Class Security

Organizations retain total control and maintain access to their data through Active Directory (AD) authentication. As with any Freedom instance, all data is fully encrypted, both at rest and in flight, using your private keys. Auditing capabilities mean organizations always know how their data is being accessed.

Since data is stored in the Mobile Data Management (MDM), integration means that IT is always in control of the data. Data can be shared outside of the AD Domain using passwords protected and expiring links.

Flexible Sharing Control Policies

Enterprises maintain control of their file sharing policies by restricting file and folder sharing to specific domains. They take advantage of One Global Experience to read and write to their files and folders as if they were in the office.

For users outside of the organization, full control of sharing content is enabled by public or password-protected links, which are set to expire when needed.

Benefits of Panzura Freedom

Panzura Mobile leverages the benefits of Panzura Freedom including deduplication, compression, and military-grade encryption to ensure efficient and secure file storage that meet cost and compliance requirements. Panzura Mobile is built upon the Freedom platform, maintain a seamless global user experience.

To learn about the Freedom Family, download the Panzura Mobile Datasheet.

Freedom Mobile Features

Tight integration with Panzura CloudFS

Enables mobile device access to existing shares without duplicating data offsite to 3rd party cloud services.

Deduplication, compression, and encryption

Efficient and secure file storage to meet cost and compliance requirements along with military-grade encryption.

iOS, Android, PC, and Mac clients

App-store clients for secure mobile access to Panzura file shares.

Hybrid cloud ready

Supports multiple deployment options either on-premise or in the cloud.

Retain complete control of all data

Eliminates shadow-IT and improves data governance and security.

MDM support

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions perform common functions, including configuration, remote lock and wipe of file/folder/device, blocking devices, wiping devices, providing notifications, and more.

Flexible sharing control policies

Restricts sharing of files and folders to specific domains; gives full control of sharing content by public or password protected links to both Active Directory and non-Active Directory users. Links can be set to expire.


Maintain consistent branding within the organization by using logos on mobile solutions.

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