Panzura Mobile Client

Panzura Freedom™, underpinned by the Panzura CloudFS™, enables enterprises to consolidate unstructured data in the cloud. Panzura Mobile Client delivers the convenience of any device, any location file sharing with enterprise-class security and data control.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Modern enterprise users demand data access anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Whether on the road, at the job site, or anywhere else, users expect access to data. While IT works to protect and secure data, providing seamless access to users outside of the office is a challenge.

With Panzura Mobile Client, users can natively share files within Panzura CloudFS using mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

Panzura Mobile Client Share

Panzura Freedom Integration

While file sync and share solutions may offer the ability to share files, they also take data out of the control of IT. Panzura Mobile Client provides seamless access to data, while providing enterprise-level security, eliminating the need for third-party applications like Dropbox for unstructured data management. Organizations retain total control and maintain access to their data through Active Directory (AD) authentication.

Freedom to Choose

Panzura provides organizations with freedom to choose any public or private cloud and to use any combination of physical Freedom Filer, virtual machine (VM), or in-cloud instance to consolidate their unstructured data.

The Freedom Mobile Client extends this freedom to enable users to use the device of their choice. The mobile client fully supports any iOS, Android, Mac OS, or Microsoft Windows device.

Panzura Mobile Client Screen

Flexible Sharing Control Policies

Organizations maintain control of their file sharing policies by restricting file and folder sharing to specific domains. Organizations have full control of sharing content by public or password-protected links.

Benefits of Panzura CloudFS

Panzura Mobile Client leverages the benefits of Panzura CloudFS including deduplication, compression, and military-grade encryption to ensure efficient and secure file storage that meet cost and compliance requirements. Since the mobile client connects to CloudFS, there is no change to a user’s normal workflow.

To learn about the Freedom Family, download the Freedom Family solution brief.

Freedom Mobile Client Features

Tight integration with Panzura CloudFS

Enables mobile device access to existing shares without duplicating data offsite to 3rd party cloud services.

Deduplication, compression, and encryption

Efficient and secure file storage to meet cost and compliance requirements along with military-grade encryption.

iOS, Android, PC, and Mac clients

App-store clients for secure mobile access to Panzura file shares.

Hybrid cloud ready

Supports multiple deployment options either on-premise or in the cloud.

Retain complete control of all data

Eliminates shadow-IT and improves data governance and security.

Flexible sharing control policies

Restricts sharing of files and folders to specific domains; gives full control of sharing content by public or password protected links.

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