Panzura Deployment Models

Panzura gives enterprises the freedom to choose from the deployment models that meet the needs of their organization, in any combination. Choose the right deployment model for every location. Each model is fully scalable and can deliver on the performance to meet SLAs.

Virtual Machine

Panzura Freedom Filer - Virtual Machine

Bring the benefits of Panzura Freedom to your existing infrastructure. For enterprises with existing All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) or Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) systems, Panzura Freedom is available as a virtual machine that can leverage existing resources to consolidate unstructured data in the cloud.

Panzura Freedom virtual machine has been tested with multiple AFA and HCI solutions including Nutanix, Simplivity, Pure, Nimble, Tintri, and Tegile. See Panzura Inside 2.0™ for more information.


Panzura Freedom Filer - In-Cloud Instance

For use cases where locating the connectivity and optimization in the cloud itself provides the greatest value to the organization, Panzura Freedom can be deployed as an in-cloud instance.

Bring all the features and capabilities of a local Freedom Filer to the cloud while giving in-cloud applications direct access to object storage via high-performance SMB/CIFS or NFS from any location in the global infrastructure. Organizations can leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, while tying it directly and seamlessly to the CloudFS.

In-cloud instances are supported with multiple object stores including:

Amazon Web Services - Cloud Partner
In-Cloud-Partner Azure
Google - Cloud Partner
In-Cloud Partner ICOS


Panzura Freedom Filer - Physical

For implementations that need an on-premise appliance, the physical Freedom Filer has been specifically designed and proven to deliver enterprise performance and scalability. Whether it is an organization with a few sites and a large volume of concentrated data, or a global enterprise with data distributed across multiple sites, Panzura Freedom Filers offer a proven, enterprise-grade, on-premise solution that will always deliver maximum performance and scalability.

Panzura Freedom Filers are offered in a range of models to meet the unique needs of every unstructured data workload at every location.

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