Panzura Mobile.

Whether your people need to work from home or they’re on the road, they need to be able to access live data from anywhere, and to be able to share it securely any time, and on any device. Panzura Mobile is enterprise file sync and share that’s natively integrated with Panzura CloudFS to provide access to your single authoritative data set in the cloud.

Panzura mobile - data to the edge and back again

Built to Let You Work From Anywhere

Panzura Mobile™ provides seamless access to your data with enterprise-level security, eliminating the need for third-party enterprise file sync and share applications.

One Set of Data. One Secure Access

Panzura stores your data as a single source of truth in the cloud, allowing your people to work without creating file versions, duplications or overwriting each other’s work.

With Panzura Mobile, they can access that same live data from any Android or iOS device, using Active Directory credentials.

Radically simplified data management - Panzura

Sync. Share.

File updates made on mobile devices are synced to the cloud for access on any device and can be shared across your organization. It lets you—and your IT team—keep full control over your data without duplicating content over a third party sharing service like Dropbox.

Complete Control

Choose how your data can be accessed by restricting sharing to specific domains, or allowing public or password-protected links with expiry where temporary access may be required. As an additional precaution, watermarking can be auto-enforced on all shareable files, including images.

Enterprise Scale

Panzura Mobile can make tens of millions of files accessible to authorized users remotely. As there is no copying of data, it’s an enterprise sync and share option you would not even consider with other platforms.

Automatic real time file locking

Efficient and Secure

We deduplicate and compress your data for efficient and secure file storage to meet cost and compliance requirements, along with military-grade encryption.

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Flexible File Access

However you need to provide mobile access, we've got your covered with web-based, desktop, and mobile access from iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices.

Secure Single Sign-On

Okta single sign-on makes it easy for authorized users to access your data, with multi-factor authentication using SMS, email or the Okta app to keep you secure.

Custom Watermarking

For additional protection, a watermark image is placed through image and PDF files and can be customized to include user’s email, time and date or customized text.

Splash Screen

Need to tell your mobile users something important? Your customizable splash screen is an easy way to make sure they see your notification the next time they open the app.

IT Control

Allow seamless access to users outside of the office, while allowing your IT team to keep your data visible, protected, secure and compliant.