Product Lifecycle Policy

As a technology company, Panzura products evolve rapidly culminating in new hardware and software products for customers. As is common practice in the technology industry, these new products will often replace previous generations or revisions. When this occurs, the End-of-Availability (EOA) and End-of-Support (EOS) policies defined in this document shall apply.


Panzura Filer:

The Panzura filers come in different configurations designated by Panzura model numbers. These are virtual or hardware filers based on standard enterprise servers or running on a supported hypervisor.

Panzura Software:

Panzura Software includes all generally available software developed and maintained by Panzura, including the Panzura OS and feature specific licensed software. The Panzura OS runs on a virtual or physical hardware platform and is the core of the Panzura Solution. A software version identifier uniquely distinguishes the software products deployed on the filer, the feature set and fixes available for that version.

On-Site Spare:

Panzura offers SSD FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) for purchase to end customers to support high availability environments where the standard replacement turn-around-time is not sufficient.

End of Availability (EOA):

EOA occurs when a product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase from Panzura. When software products EOA, they are no longer available for purchase but, for support purposes, remain available for existing customers until the End of Support (EOS) date. By definition, Panzura software reaches EOA when it has been replaced with a new Major or Minor version.

End of Support (EOS):

After EOA, Panzura will continue delivering Support services for a predetermined period of time for customers with a valid support contract. After the EOS date, support for the product is no longer available, including but not limited to: submitting a question about the operation of the product; opening a support case; obtaining hardware replacement parts; obtaining any related software; or software patches to address an issue. The period of time between EOA and EOS is referred to as the “support life”. A software product reaches EOS one year after EOA. No support will be available beyond this date, and support contracts will not be sold nor extended beyond this date.

Software Version Definition:

Panzura software releases use a 4-digit release versioning scheme adhering to an A.B.C.D format such as or When a new release occurs, one of the four digits will be incremented according to the type of release. There are four release types which are defined as follows.

  • Major release (A.B.C.D):The ‘A’ digit will increment when a new major release occurs. These are significant releases and may include one or more of the following types of changes: significant architectural changes; new licensed features; feature enhancements; and/or improvements. Digits ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ are all set to zero with a new Major release.
  • Minor release (A.B.C.D):The ‘B’ digit will increment when a new Minor release occurs. These releases may include one or more of the following types of changes: new licensed feature; feature enhancements; and/or improvements. The ‘A’ digit remains unchanged and the ‘C’ and ‘D’ digits are both set to zero.
  • Maintenance release (A.B.C.D):The ‘C’ digit will increment when a new Maintenance release occurs. Maintenance releases typically include bug fixes and/or enhancements which may have been previously released as a patch. All patches released since the last Major, Minor or Maintenance release are included in the new Maintenance release. The ‘A’ and ‘B’ digits remain unchanged and the ‘D’ digit is set to zero. Panzura recommends all customers upgrade to the latest Maintenance release.
  • Patch release (A.B.C.D):The ‘D’ digit will increment when a Patch release occurs and typically includes several bug fixes. These are intended to provide a quick response for significant customer issues and other incremental improvements. The ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ digits remain unchanged.

Software Support Lifecycle

Panzura releases new software features periodically according to its internal plans. Major releases are planned and launched approximately every 6-12 months, and Minor releases may be made available every 3-9 months. Maintenance releases occur at Panzura’s discretion and typically occur when a set of patches, any point fixes, and/or enhancements exist to warrant a roll up and roll out to all customers to ensure increased stability and system availability.

Customers, under warranty (as defined in Panzura EULA or support contract), qualify to receive new major, minor, maintenance and patch releases of the Panzura software for which they are entitled. All releases undergo software quality assurance testing as part of Panzura’s standard quality assurance program.

Software Support Policy

Panzura provides software support and maintenance on the following releases:

  • The current release which consist of the highest value combination of A.B.x.x of the software.
  • The most current version of the immediately preceding Major or Minor release of the software product for a period of one year after EOA. During this time, Panzura will provide Patch releases to resolve critical issues and/or provide workarounds. The software will remain available via Panzura Support to fully replace a Panzura Appliance within an existing CloudFS. For example, assume is the current version when is released on Time(0). The release will continue to be fully supported by Panzura until Time(0) + 1 year. At that point, the software reaches End-of-Support and support is no longer available. Customers running or lower may be asked to upgrade to if they encounter an issue during support life.

Panzura reserves the right to require upgrading to a specified later version to resolve a technical issue. To ensure the highest quality experience possible for all customers, Panzura maintains a strict policy of not back-porting fixes, enhancements or features.

Hardware Support Lifecycle

A Panzura hardware filer product may be shipped with a different underlying server platform or with new disks or SSDs without changing the model number of the product as long as the new components are fully compatible and interchangeable with the earlier hardware and supported by the same Panzura software version as the original filer. These changes do not trigger an EOA event.

Panzura will endeavour to notify customers of EOA on a Panzura filer model at least 30 days before the event. Panzura filers are supported for up to 5 years from original shipment, regardless of EOA, assuming support contract coverage, at which point it reaches EOS. New software products released after the hardware EOA may not be available for the affected filer at Panzura’s discretion and are subject to technical limitations. Components used to replace failed hardware are replenished as covered by the support contract. The replacement components or filer may be a different model or revision but are ensured to be fully compatible with the covered product.

After EOS, a Panzura filer or spare part will no longer be available from Panzura to repair failures. EOS applies to the filer and all associated sub-components and spare parts regardless of installation date. Support contracts will not be sold or extended beyond specified EOS date.

Please contact your Panzura Account Team should you need guidance on migration and/or upgrade options. If you do not have a current contact, feel free to contact Panzura Support.

Table 1: End of Life Policy – Summary

Date Definition Time frame
EOA-SW Software End of Availability. New systems are not shipped with this release. Software fixes are still available. When a new Major or Minor release occurs, previous versions reach EOA.
EOS-SW Last date that software support is available. Beyond this date, no new Maintenance or Patch releases are made. Support Contracts for this software version will not be extended beyond this date. 1 year from EOA-SW
EOA-HW Filer and associated components no longer available for purchase. The software version current at the time of EOA-HW will receive patches for 1-year consistent with the software support policy. 30 days notice of an upcoming hardware EOA
EOS-HW Last date hardware is supported incl. expansions and add-ons. Support coverage for this hardware product will not be extended beyond this date. 5 years after original shipment

Current information on EOA and EOS on both Software and Hardware, is available here.