Panzura – The best way to consolidate data

Panzura – The best way to consolidate data

Unstructured data is exploding and we know the last thing you have time and budget for are legacy file storage solutions that result in massive data management headaches. That’s why managing costs and gaining complete control of your unstructured data are no longer just “nice to have” ideas.

Learn from Gartner how and why firms need to rethink and incorporate cloud-based solutions in their unstructured data management strategies. Download our complimentary Gartner report entitled “Organizations Will Need to Tackle Three Challenges to Curb Unstructured Data Glut and Neglect” to learn how to achieve significant business results.

In the report Gartner explains why uncontrolled data growth matters. “Client inquiries suggest that, for many organizations, around 30% of data is redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT).” The report shows that even in midsize storage environments ROT waste runs into the millions.

Take action now. The cost-effective, cloud-scale solution to your unstructured data explosion is a world-class, purpose-built cloud file system and NAS solution – Panzura Freedom NAS. Panzura Freedom NAS seamlessly integrates thousands of applications to the cloud without re-write, dramatically improves productivity with global collaboration on large projects and significantly reduces your file storage and data management costs by up to 70%.

A top 5 Wall Street bank, the number one media and entertainment company, Chevron, Fluor and DOJ have embraced Panzura Freedom NAS for enterprise file services – featuring a global cloud file system that thrives in Azure, Amazon, Google, IBM, EMC and VirtuStream environments – without sacrificing performance. With Panzura, you can move and grow your storage entirely as you see fit.

Please let us know if you are attending VMworld 2018. We are announcing exciting news in Las Vegas and would like to demonstrate to you what we mean by the power to unlock your multi-cloud data.


Patrick Harr

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