Panzura Security Advisory PFOS-2017-002

Issue Date: 07/18/2017
Title: SAMBA Kerberos Mutual Authentication Vulnerability
Classification: Medium
Status: Open
Affected Products: PFOS – 6.3.X versions through and 7.X versions through


The SAMBA component of PFOS software contains a vulnerability in which an attacker may impersonate a trusted server, and, leveraging its position, gain unauthorized domain access.


PFOS uses SAMBA in order to act as a Windows share. A recent mutual authentication vulnerability was recently discovered. A malicious server can impersonate a trusted server due to the bug in the Kerberos authentication code. As a trusted server, the attacker can then gain unauthorized access to the domain. More information is available at CVE-2017-11103.

Panzura is in the process of creating upgrades for all supported releases. Release notes for the new versions outlining the correction of this vulnerability will be documented here.

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