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Making cloud storage more than just a drive in the sky

Making Cloud Storage More Than Just A Drive In The Sky

Are you getting the features you imagined from your enterprise-grade cloud storage? Years into the cloud storage movement, your cloud services still might not be living up to the promise of this revolutionary concept. That said, the definition of cloud storage has become quite muddy. If data is

Panzura Blog | You Don’t Know What Legacy Storage Has Til It's Gone

You Don’t Know What Legacy Storage Has, ‘Til It’s Gone

When you’re looking to replace your existing enterprise NAS or legacy storage system by consolidating your unstructured data in the cloud, you don’t expect to lose key features. However, the features you’ve taken for granted, because they’re baked into legacy storage, aren’t standard with cloud storage.  To effectively consolidate

Breaking up with back ups

Breaking Up with Backup

When nearly 3 in 5 businesses are anticipated to leverage cloud storage by 2022, why not fully commit to cloud for backups and archives too? Truthfully, It’s not easy to break up with your legacy backup, disaster recovery, and archival methods. It’s easier to stay in a relationship

How Hybrid Cloud Cleans Your Messy Data Space for Bulletproof Security

How Hybrid Cloud Cleans Your Messy Data-Space for Bulletproof Security

When data breaches can take an average of over 9 months to identify and contain, working in cluttered cloud file systems sets a dangerous precedent. Yet, many enterprises need a reliable, connected way to collaborate with their international teams. As teams accumulate ad-hoc file solutions to wrangle explosive

Juggling multiple out-of-sync data islands for backup and production? The answer is Panzura hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud – The Ultimate Anti-Ransomware

Today, many organizations are juggling multiple out-of-sync data islands for backup and production. More data, less visibility, and more places to be breached can make you a ripe target for ransomware and other cyber threats.