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Time to Migrate Off StorSimple?

Microsoft Bought the Company... but Now StorSimple is Going End-of-Life, They're Recommending Panzura CloudFS as a Replacement!

Migrate to Panzura CloudFS

Let Us Help You Make Moving Off StorSimple The Best IT Decision You've Ever Made. 🚀

Microsoft recommends Panzura for all that StorSimple data you have been accumulating over the years.

Any why not? Panzura delivers the fastest global cloud file system on the planet, with all the technology goodness you have enjoyed using  StorSimple -- plus a whole lot of other awesome features.

But that's not all -- our support team has a Net Promoter Score of 87. That's pretty much the unofficial record for software companies doing business anywhere.

Let's Make This Really, Really Easy.

  • We'll give you 25TB Panzura licenses FREE
  • We'll help you migrate all your data for FREE
  • You'll get the last global file system you'll ever need

Migrate From StorSimple and Save

Got questions? We have answers... and 25TB of FREE Panzura licenses waiting for you.

Don't let StorSimple support run out on you

Drop your details in our contact form or jump on our chat bot and our scrappy team will get you all the answers you've been looking for -- and maybe a few extra ideas too.

Work Better, Together

Faster file open times, faster file sync and file locking that always works mean your people can spend more time doing what they're best at.

Business As Usual, Always

With in-built active archive, enterprise-grade backup, disaster recovery and the ability to securely sync and share files from anywhere, it's the ultimate business continuity solution.

Military-Grade Security

Wrap your data in security so tight, it's used by the most sensitive organizations. Your data is protected in the cloud, on your local filers and while it's in transit.

Migrate Without Rewrite

Move legacy apps into the cloud without rewriting a line of code. Take advantage of the security and scalability of the cloud without extra expense.

Never Pay Ransoms

Immutable data architecture makes you impervious to ransomware and other cyber threats. If you're attacked, you simply restore to your most recent file snapshot.

Avoid Vendor Lock In

Choose the cloud provider that works for you, while you upgrade to the global cloud file system engineered to let you be massively productive.

Unshakeable Availability

Double your availability by mirroring your data in another cloud. Failover in any service disruption and re-syncing your data afterwards are automatic.

Monitor, Track, Restore

Know who has accessed any file in your network, and restore damaged or deleted files with just a couple of clicks from one elegant dashboard.

Immediate global data consistency

Enterprise Sync and Share

Give authorized remote users real-time, secure access to your active file system, accessed globally from any iOS or Android mobile device.

Powering Critical Workflows in High Performance Environments

Let’s talk about how we can transform your business and save you money. A lot of it!

Our team of specialists are ready to take your call and talk you through a personalized solution for your business.

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