Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Life-changing organizations trust Panzura to manage and protect critical data, enabling better patient outcomes and faster, smarter research. 

Panzura for Healthcare and Life Sciences

"Panzura gives us the flexibility to grow over time and absolutely nails the performance at the predictable pricing we need.”

American College of Radiology

Built to Help You Take On The Biggest Challenges in the Healthcare Sector.


Accelerate Deeper Insights.

Making good decisions is incredibly tough when your organization is drowning in data you can’t make sense of. Panzura simplifies and consolidates your data management, improving access and visibility, empowering collaboration, and letting you drive better outcomes, in less time.

Drive productivity and accelerate operational outcomes
Cloud data protection and compliance
Cloud Data Services

Protect Your Patient Data.

Staying on the right side of ever-increasing regulations, and keeping data safe takes constant vigilance. Panzura strengthens your entire security posture with resilience to ransomware, rapid data recovery, and military-grade security to keep you HIPAA compliant, and out of the news.


Specific Solutions For Healthcare.

Streamline your data to drive patient engagement and business value.

Using Panzura to consolidate and reduce data

Consolidate Your Distributed Data

Radically simplify your data management and reduce your storage footprint with a single, deduplicated data source across your organization.

Using Panzura to move files fast

Quickly Access Data Whenever You Need It

Keep all your data for as long as you need to, making it easily accessible to the people, or the applications that need to access it, even if the data's archived.

Using Panzura to increase resiliency and reduce recovery time

Keep Your Data Compliant

Make it easy to stay compliant with external regulations such as HIPAA, as well as internal mandates for storing and accessing sensitive files.

Cloud-first data management for healthcare

See how research is improved by 70%

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“Panzura offers unique end-to-end ransomware protection. Files are fully—and swiftly—recoverable with absolutely no data loss whatsoever. This is simply not the case with legacy storage and competitor file sharing technologies.”


“If I delete a file, I can easily restore from a snapshot, solving my backup requirements. I don’t need to back the system up because it’s backing itself up, archiving the data and the snapshots to Datatility’s Hydra Cloud, where it’s secure, protected and dispersed across datacenters. I also have the ability for our applications to leverage IBM ICOS without the need to modify the applications.”

American College of Radiology