Five principles Panzurians live by


Relentless about impact

We believe in uncompromising dedication to innovation and providing outrageous value to customers and partners.


Bring your weird

We believe that different thinking is what makes us awesome and we encourage everyone to be their authentic self at all times.


Throw me the ball

We believe in facing the friction and that each of us is capable of stepping up for the team and encourage everyone to do the right thing.
Being a Panzurian is about driving peak performance. We all think really, really BIG, and we all do what it takes to get the job done.
—Jill Stelfox, Chief Executive Officer


Clear the road

We believe in looking ahead and removing obstacles that are in each other’s way so you can move faster than you ever imagined.


Unbelievable is possible

We believe that when you set large goals and work as a team that no mission is unattainable.