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Making Enterprise Data Accessible, Durable, and Secure

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data is created, stored, accessed and shared faster than security can keep up. Meanwhile, threats continue to escalate as new and inventive ways to access and compromise data emerge.


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Together, Panzura CloudFS and the Varonis Security Platform can help organizations modernize, manage, protect, and defend their file and storage infrastructure.

Panzura provides a hybrid-cloud global file system extensible across hundreds of locations. Overcoming latency to deliver a local-feeling file performance, Panzura allows enterprises to consolidate data and replace legacy NAS, using public, private, or dark cloud S3 object storage as a globally available data center.

Durch die Speicherung von Daten in unveränderlicher Form mit schreibgeschützten Snapshots macht Panzura CloudFS die Daten unempfindlich gegen Ransomware. Geänderte Daten werden als neue Datenblöcke gespeichert, die bestehende Datenblöcke nicht überschreiben.

Varonis schützt unstrukturierte Daten vor unbefugtem Zugriff und Cyberbedrohungen, indem es automatisch sensible Daten in lokalen und Cloud-Datenspeichern findet und überwacht. Varonis erkennt verdächtiges Verhalten, indem es die Datenaktivität in einen Kontext mit Authentifizierungsereignissen und Perimeter-Telemetrie stellt, um abnormale Aktivitäten schnell zu erkennen.

Varonis kann auch dazu beitragen, die Auswirkungen von Sicherheitsverletzungen zu mindern, indem der Zugriff auf sensible Daten in großem Umfang eingeschränkt wird.

The joint solution optimizes the organization unstructured data footprint, protects it from cyberthreats, and scales as required. The result is one highly secure authoritative data source for multiple locations, in a resilient file system, without replicating data.

Ferngesteuerte und sichere Zusammenarbeit in Echtzeit

Allow multiple locations to operate as if everyone works under the same roof with Panzura, using one authoritative set of data. Enjoy local-feeling file performance, automatic global file locking, and immediate global data consistency.

Gain Visibility into your Entire File System

Nehmen Sie unstrukturierte Daten aus dem globalen Dateisystem von Panzuraauf, um die Dateisystemaktivität von einem zentralen, leicht zu lesenden Dashboard aus zu überwachen.

Visualize where sensitive data is stored, over-exposed, and at risk of compromise to malicious actors like insider threats, malware, or ransomware. Quickly pinpoint exposed folders, stale data, or inactive accounts that are still enabled.

Automatically map out your environment’s permission structure with Varonis, allowing admins to easily view who has access, where data is stored, and who uses it.

Control data access at a granular level and safely automate permission changes, ensuring users only have access to the data they need, reducing overexposure and other potential risks.

With additional context like classification, geolocation information, and device pairing from Varonis, administrators and security analysts can easily understand how data is accessed and used.

Schnelles Erkennen, Reagieren und Wiederherstellen von Bedrohungen

Behavioral profiles created by Varonis’ machine learning algorithms can automatically detect abnormal user behaviors like suspicious data access, lateral movement, and privilege escalation. Shut down user sessions and change passwords using Varonis’ automated responses to stop attacks in their tracks and limit any damage. Recover from ransomware and other encryption by restoring files and folders from Panzura’s read-only snapshots.

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