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We’re shaping the future of cloud data management.

The future of data management is here. And by “here,” we mean in the cloud.

Companies that aren’t consistently innovating their cloud-based data management are destined to be left behind. Quickly. That’s why, at Panzura, we’re not refining old methods of data management. We’re defining new ones. 

Our team of data mavericks consistently pushes boundaries and pioneers endless innovation in hybrid multi-cloud data management, and we’re thrilled to share that our hard work has paid off with not one but two new patents. These patents showcase Panzura’s relentless commitment to creating the best technology available in cloud-based management. 

Panzura Secures Two New Patents

Our new patents demonstrate our company’s ongoing leadership in managing and protecting cloud-based distributed computing environments. Here’s a brief summary of our latest accomplishments: 

Patent #11470146
Managing a Cloud-Based Distributed Computing Environment Using a Distributed Database

This development employs a distributed cloud data management system (“DCDMS”) layered upon a cloud storage system, which tracks objects accessed through the DCDMS. By utilizing several extended capabilities (snapshots, clones, roll-backs, etc.), this patent claims a method for efficient management and retrieval of client data in a cloud environment.

Click here to view the full patent. 

Patent  #11467967
Managing a Distributed Cache In a Cloud-Based Distributed Computing Environment 

This innovation involves a data processing layer (“DPL”) that receives data requests from a client and subsequently locates and interacts with the appropriate caches assigned to the target data and metadata. The DPL further employs cache mapping and data block fingerprints to ensure that the data operations requested correspond with valid data.

Click here to view the full patent. 

Putting Our Patented Stamp on the Data Industry

When it comes to blazing new technology trails, we’re not done yet.

We’ve already shown what we’re made of, but we still have more to prove. Staying at the forefront of cloud data technology isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes hard work and consistent effort. And we like it that way. If this were easy, there would be countless “Panzuras” out there. It’s not, and there aren’t. 

While we make plenty of bold claims about what Panzura can accomplish, we’re proud to back them up with a proven track record of success. Here’s a quick snapshot of Panzura’s groundbreaking data management by the numbers:

  • 3 Blocking Patents
    We won’t bore you with the legal jargon, but simply put, you’ll never see a subpar reinvention of these innovations. It’s not legally possible for a competitor to commercialize a lesser version of what Panzura has already perfected.
  • 37 US Patents
    Yeah, we know it’s a lot. But we’ve never been satisfied with the bare minimum. Our thinking and execution are paving the way for smarter, safer, and more sustainable data storage. 
  • 2 Pending Patents
    Why stop now? Time doesn’t slow down, and neither do we. We’re always thinking ahead into the future so that we can continue to improve unstructured data storage.

Want to know more about what we’ve done? Take a look at some of our awesome, industry-shaping patents here.

There are more innovations on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see how they shape the future of data management — for companies and businesses around the world. 

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