ÅF and Panzura and the Power of ONE

ÅF Experiences the Power of One with Panzura Freedom Collaboration Driving Higher Productivity, Lower Costs, and Accelerated Profitability

ÅF, a multi-billion dollar global engineering & design company, implemented Freedom Collaboration and has been able to unify all its 80 global offices into One Global File System working as One Collaborative Team for large scale projects. Having consolidated data into a single version of truth, AF’s design … Read More

AEC Customer

Winning the ROI game with Vizion Block Storage

It always amazes me how much time and effort is invested into saving money. This is certainly the case with our Vizion.ai cloud service, and our effort has resulted in the creation of significant intellectual property. We recently filed a few patents that focus on the unique ways … Read More

Freedom 8: Unveiling the Power of ONE

Digital transformation is driving data explosion. This has accelerated the adoption of cloud technology, and more recently, multi-cloud. According to IDC, 85% of companies are using four or more clouds, leading to a big challenge. Data explosion leads to data silos and data islands, including multiple clouds with … Read More