Join Us December 3rd for Panzura’s Global User Group 2019 in London, UK

On Tuesday, December 3rd, IT professionals from around Europe are gathering at the Royal Institute of British Architecture in London to learn how Panzura’s superior, cloud-native technology is helping customers overcome their most crippling multi-cloud challenge, namely: driving critical real-time data file collaboration between globally dispersed teams. The … Read More

Information Technology - photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Empowering IT Admins with Panzura Management Tools

When I previously worked as a Systems Administrator, my first instinct on seeing an issue arise was to resolve it. In this regard, I’ve always appreciated Panzura for providing tools for both data and systems management. Even if I couldn’t resolve an issue, at the least, there was … Read More

Frictionless Seamless Collaboration

Happy with Your Distributed Collaboration? At Autodesk University, Let Panzura Show You How File Collaboration Can Be Truly Frictionless

Moving to the cloud was supposed to drive efficiency — providing unlimited processing power, storage, and scalability — which is why so many leading Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms were quick to jump in.  However, with that migration came the need that many industry experts had not … Read More

33 Reasons to Choose Panzura

33 Patents and Top 5 Reasons to Choose Panzura

It makes me proud to watch our patent portfolio grow continually. To date, we have 33 issued patents which is significantly more than other companies in our space. And there are many more in our pipeline either awaiting the examiner or final edits. Each patent protects a key … Read More