CIOReview – Panzura: Boundless Innovation in a Cloud+ World

For industry veteran Patrick Harr, there were several tech milestones that marked a sense of direction in his mind when he joined Panzura as its CEO. The company was at an inflection point in its growth—timed with what Patrick and the company saw from a market trend standpoint as decisive. Customers had more data than they could handle, were rapidly moving to the cloud, and were constantly on the lookout to make the most of that ecosystem. As a cloud and storage veteran from both large and small companies, Patrick realized that the company could leverage its strong foundation in data management and inject additional experts across storage, cloud, machine learning and data science to capitalize on these trends. Armed with both direction and the right people for the job, Panzura has come into its own to enable the enterprise to realize what Pat Gelsinger called the year of the multi-cloud. The solutions that Panzura thus forged were originally designed to help customers integrate and use the cloud for file storage and collaboration, while still delivering the performance capabilities of the data centre. Today, their range has evolved, setting the precedent on which the enterprise will leverage multi-cloud data management.

Patrick Harr, CEO