How Immutable Storage Stops Costly Ransomware Attacks

Immutable data architecture means that data, once written, cannot be changed. And, if it cannot be changed, then it cannot be encrypted by ransomware. In April 2021, Security Boulevard published details on just a few of the notable ransomware attacks that had taken place in just the first … Read More

Introducing Cloud Block Store

What happens when you point some of the smartest IT minds in your business at innovation, instead of operation? It’s something we often ask our customers. Recently, we asked ourselves. The answer – this time around – is a product that is completely different, and yet completely in … Read More

Solving for Latency on the Wide Area Network

What seems like decades ago now, I was a software engineer at Autodesk and I was the driving force behind the CUI feature in AutoCAD.   For those of you who can’t remember back that far, this feature introduced a new UI for customizing AutoCAD’s toolbars and menus. Its … Read More

Breaking Up with Backup

When nearly 3 in 5 businesses are anticipated to leverage cloud storage by 2022, why not fully commit to cloud for backups and archives too? Truthfully, It’s not easy to break up with your legacy backup, disaster recovery, and archival methods. It’s easier to stay in a relationship … Read More