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How Panzura Freedom Collaboration Dissolved Data Islands for ÅF

Since 1895, ÅF has connected technologies to provide profitable, innovative, and sustainable solutions for energy, industrial, and infrastructure markets. With almost 16,000+ highly qualified engineers and 28,000 partners, ÅF has assignments spanning across 100 offices and just as many countries. As a global operation, ÅF needed to ensure that their data was standardized and that a consolidated backup solution was in place. Enter Panzura Freedom Collaboration, which eliminated islands of storage, created data standardization and provided a global view of ÅF’s assets.

Solution: ONE Global Cloud Filesystem with Panzura Freedom Collaboration

When searching for a solution, ÅF knew they needed something that would replace the islands of storage at each office built from legacy NAS products. In order to build ONE collaborative team, they deployed Panzura Freedom Collaboration in March 2018. They piloted the product for five months before fully implementing the technology in September of that year. With 80 offices in the first phase
and plans to double that, ÅF needed a solution with no limits. Soon after, the company was able to replace their siloed islands of storage, creating ONE source of truth for their data and assets. How exactly?

Benefits: Real-time collaboration with increased efficiency, reduced latency

With Freedom Collaboration Filers, every site is provided local file access performance by using advanced algorithms to cache the data users need the most based on recency of creation and access. Administrators are able to further refine the locality of cache by implementing caching rules that put project data locally where it’s needed to boost productivity.

This means that ÅF team members working on a project in Sweden can easily collaborate with engineers in China who have the same project data cached locally at their site. This real-time collaboration reduces the latency associated with remote file access and increases efficiency so ÅF can readily work to make a difference for their clients.

In addition to empowering the organization via global collaboration, ÅF’s IT team can also sleep soundly knowing that the company’s data is properly backed up. With Panzura Freedom Collaboration, 100% of unstructured data is stored in the cloud. Legacy NAS systems – like the ones ÅF was previously using – are costly to maintain when it comes to replication and backup. But with Freedom Collaboration, data is protected efficiently and utilizes the full spectrum of cloud durability. Freedom Collaboration even gives the company the power to immediately restore data from an entire file system down to an
individual file.

Summary: ÅF drives greater productivity and business growth with Panzura

Since ÅF fully deployed Panzura Freedom Collaboration in September 2018, teams now enjoy greater productivity and standardization across the company. Now, employees can work simultaneously on projects without risking overwriting data, experiencing latency, or having to fear that their data is not being backed up properly. Thanks to Panzura Freedom Collaboration, ÅF can continue to efficiently create progress in the energy, industrial, and infrastructure space by providing sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

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ÅF is a Swedish engineering and design company in the fields of energy, industry, and infrastructure. Formed in 1895, it is one of the biggest consulting companies in Sweden.

Industry: Consulting services for energy, industry and infrastructure projects.

Employees: 16,000+

Customer Since: 2018

Cloud: Microsoft Azure

Partners: Microsoft

Competition: Talon

Panzura Product: Freedom Collaboration

Number of sites: 80 currently with plans to double in size.

Pain Points: ÅF needed a standardized file service with a global namespace that enabled their team to collaboration around the globe while integrating data protection, security and file backup and retention services in the cloud.

Panzura Solution: Eliminated islands of storage, created file services standardization with ONE global cloud filesystem and ONE collaborative team.of ÅF’s assets.