Total Cost of Data Ownership Calculator.

Just select your number of sites to discover what your potential savings could be using CloudFS to consolidate that data into the cloud storage of your choice, rather than storing each terabyte locally. For a comprehensive report, simply fill out the form and one of our cloud data specialists will provide a tailored savings analysis for your organization.

Panzura TCO calculator

When making data available across multiple locations means separate storage devices in each place, the cost of storing the same (or very similar) files in each of those locations escalates rapidly. Replicating data again for backups, and for offsite storage puts strain on storage space, and balance sheets.

This Calculator Explained

We’ve used the price of a NetApp 500TB 20/80 Flash/HDD with Snap Mirror in our calculations. After formatting, this 500TB system can store 465TB or less of data. We’ve included the cost of installation, the rack it sits on, and 5 years maintenance/support at each location. We’ve also assumed that the cost of managing this system (including power, cooling, headcount) is about 18% of its total value. 

Backup typically costs about 40% of the cost of your primary storage, for each location. If you’re also replicating data to a business continuity/DR site, the typical cost is 70% of your primary storage, for each site.

Then, we’ve shown you the cost of storing that same TB of data in the cloud, including cloud storage costs, and Panzura costs. Panzura stores every byte of data just once, and makes it available to every location. Daily backups and offsite storage are replaced by immutable data and frequent snapshots for rapid data recovery.