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Unstructured data is exploding. According to IDC, the average enterprise is doubling its data volume every 2 years, and 80% of the new content is file-based unstructured data. About half of companies have no formal data retention strategy, so their answer is simple — just add more storage. The result? A “databerg” of petabytes in the datacenter. With each petabyte holding about 2,312,000,000 files according to Veritas — you can imagine the problem CIOs are facing.

Is cloud the answer? Yes and No. Compounding the problem is the fact that 80% of enterprises are going to use multiple clouds. According to RightScale, this number is 4.8 clouds to be exact. So now we have compounded a single datacenter growth problem into a multi-cloud data-sprawl problem.

At Panzura we have front-row seats to the multi-cloud world with our enterprise customers — and seeing these problems we decided to do something about it. For the past two years, we have been working on project Vizion, which we are launching today as Why Vizion? Coined after the Vision character in the Avengers, uses the artificial intelligence character to apply deep analytical understanding of complex problems. So, we designed a platform from the ground-up to scale to the exabytes of data that companies will need to manage in a multi-cloud world. With instant ‘vision’ of your data with elastic search, machine-learning based analytics, cross-cloud data movement, data recovery and cloning and governance.

At the heart of is our hyper-scale multi-cloud data engine. We haven’t thought of a superhero name for it yet, but it does the work of one. It incorporates a cloud-native container-based deployment model with our patented distributed caching and data reduction technology that can be spun-up instantly in any cloud, any region, and even in your own private datacenter as a managed service.

Panzura solves the problem of data sprawl and provides a unified view of all unstructured enterprise data. Panzura built the multi-cloud data management platform for companies that won’t settle for anything less than the right data right now.

Seizing Control of Your Data

Mastering multi-cloud data management means making data truly actionable. is designed to both analyze and control data both on-premise and in the cloud or clouds or multiple clouds for that matter.’s unified instant search enables global search and retrieval across multiple clouds (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM and others), and on-premise data centers through one secure portal. But that’s only just the beginning of what can do to help enterprises seize control of their data. enables high-speed data indexing across file systems, SaaS applications, and public clouds. It provides global metadata search that includes filename, date, owner, groups and more. Organizations that require a global file audit search can employ to answer fundamental questions that elude other search technologies.

Achieving control over multi-cloud file and object data requires more than visibility into where data is stored — it requires generating actual insights into usage patterns, costs, and policy objectives.’s lineup of analytics tools includes:

  • Storage Cost Optimizer applies machine learning to automatically determine the lowest cloud storage costs across multiple providers. also makes it easy to move data between cloud storage tiers to optimize cost savings.
  • Storage Usage Profiler provides a heat map of what data’s hot, warm and cold based on access.
  • File Audit Report Filters provide dynamic administrative tools for policy enforcement, which will improve data governance.

A More Rigorous Yet Extensible Approach’s multi-cloud data control introduces an unrivaled layer of security capabilities in enterprise search. For example,’s ability to audit user behavior patterns by searching metadata helps identify unusual activity before a rogue employee can inflict reputational and financial damage. And that’s no small problem. The average cost of a data breach of sensitive corporate documents is $3.8 million, according to Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach, Global Report.

Panzura not only secures data with its products, it also makes them extensible.’s open API architecture enables a new world of multi-cloud data applications that can tackle assignments such as consolidating massive amounts of unstructured data from sources as varied as the Internet of Things (IoT), security video streams and log analysis machine learning. The app lineup includes:

  • Vizion Metadata Index and Search
  • Vizion Deep Content Index and Search
  • Vizion Audit
  • Vizion Monitor
  • Vizion Security and Compliance
  • Vizion Inventory and Cost Optimizer is offered as a multi-tenant SaaS service with a private managed service option for highly regulated organizations. The on-demand SaaS delivery provides immediate time to value.

The Right Data Right Now

Panzura is inspired by companies that aim to compete and succeed in the information economy, ones that realize instant data access put them at a competitive advantage. ensures this advantage by unlocking the power of multi-cloud data — providing vital and accurate information that support faster and better business decisions, while also reducing cloud data management costs and beefing up data compliance and security.

To find out how you can get started with today, create your free account at

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