The Holy Grail of Cloud Solutions for Bandwidth-Intensive Collaborative Applications

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    Are you disillusioned with the cloud hampering – rather than freeing – your employees to collaborate productively?

    Join us October 13th – 16th at the American Council of Engineering Companies 2019 Fall Conference in Chicago, and learn how architecture and engineering firms like yours have eliminated application scaling and performance bottlenecks.

    We all know that AEC organizations are challenged with collaborating on large, time-sensitive global projects using tools such a Revit, Autodesk Civil 3D, and CAD/CAM. Find out why Andy Knauf, CIO at Mead & Hunt believes Panzura is the best collaboration platform for bandwidth-hungry architectural and planning applications.

    During his session “Increase Productivity and Enhance Global Collaboration While Reducing Costs,” which takes place Tuesday, October 15 at 10 AM in the Solutions Center in the Exhibit Hall, Andy will share how Panzura has delivered increased performance, productivity and user experience for a globally distributed workforce while reducing costs, using Panzura Freedom.

    As Mead & Hunt expanded its business locations over time, their IT model started becoming increasingly outdated. Employees were using specialist design and planning software that required higher IT performance and scalability. And, instead of building out a new set of IT infrastructure for each new location, Andy wanted an alternative model that centralized his data and enabled employees to easily collaborate on large data files no matter where they were based.

    Working with Panzura, Andy centralized data storage to the Amazon S3 Cloud, lowering overall IT costs by reducing data processing resources at each remote location, simplifying the time and effort required to open and equip each new geography. The result for Mead & Hunt was nothing less than astonishing.

    “I’ve worked in IT at Mead & Hunt for more than 23 years and when an issue of this magnitude is solved, I like to call it a Holy Grail moment,” said Andy in this Mead & Hunt case study. “I’ve only ever said that twice before, Panzura makes it three. That’s how great this product is for the industry.”

    Andy introduces his global data management challenges and Panzura solutions journey in this video.

    Joining Andy will be Greg Wesner, Senior Solutions Architect at Panzura, presenting a demo of powered by Panzura is used to deliver a single, unified view of cloud data across the organization. Powerful search, analysis, recovery, and control of multi-cloud data, even under heavy file loads and multiple concurrent collaboration points enables a high caliber collaboration experience, regardless of where people are located.

    If you’d like to schedule a 1:1 meeting, please email Zach Lavoie, Panzura Channel Manager.

    Be sure to visit us booth #605 in the exhibition hall and discover how your organization can benefit from the next generation of cloud data technology.

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