Panzura’s Cloud File And Data Analytics Now On AWS Marketplace

We are all entering the era of the hyper-competitive enterprise, in which companies try to out-compete one another using real-time data in a global, multi-cloud environment in order to exploit micro-markets as they appear. For example, retailers may adjust their prices to attract CyberWeek shoppers and airlines may adjust ticket prices on a minute-by-minute basis. To succeed in this type of market, enterprises need to achieve high levels of productivity and to be able to tap into data assets all over the world, leveraging their best innovations from wherever they were created.

The challenge arises with file locking. When multiple users across different geographies need to collaborate on the same files within the same organization, legacy solutions require files to be replicated. This results in massive bandwidth consumption as well as issues with file versioning, copy data sprawl, data collisions, and potentially data corruption.

To address this need, Panzura, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Technology Partner, announced support for its Freedom cloud file services and cloud data management and ML analytics service as ISV Solutions on the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Marketplace. Global enterprises struggling with real-time collaboration and employee downtime can boost operational speed and lower operating costs using AWS as a single version of the truth. In addition, customers can now gain game-changing insights into project productivity, quickly search and find projects, and significantly improve IP security protection with advanced ML auditing.

Revealed at the annual AWS Re:Invent event, the marketplace listing enables Amazon customers participating in Amazon’s Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) to consume Panzura’s File and Data Intelligence services just like they would AWS Compute, AWS Storage, and Value Added Services. Furthermore, customers save time by simplifying procurement and billing tasks.

We anticipate the listing will accelerate Panzura adoption among AWS customers.

AWS Customer Successes
Today more than 175 enterprise Amazon S3 customers with tens of petabytes of data under management are reporting faster project delivery and overall organizational speed when using Panzura’s performant, highly scalable, multi-cloud collaboration solutions. Their successes — gaining deep insight, monitoring, security and search across their entire data set — speak for themselves:

  • When Lincoln International, an international investment bank, began experiencing rapid growth, CIO Jeff Foydl identified the need to replace the company’s traditional file servers with a collaborative global file solution. By selecting Panzura, the Lincoln International team was able to deliver large quantities of unstructured data to employees across 21 offices nearly instantaneously, regardless of location, while eliminating file redundancies and reducing the sprawling storage costs it had experienced in the past. “With Panzura, employees can walk into any office, hook up their laptop, and get access to the same data almost instantaneously, regardless of location,” Jeff Foydl, the company’s CIO.
  • Another customer, The C&S Companies (C&S) with 550 geographically distributed employees, found collaborating on engineering, architecture, planning, environmental and construction projects and services to be a real challenge. The organization’s design and development teams needed to access and share files without overwriting them, and it would take more than 20 minutes to open a single file. “Doubling bandwidth, or even quadrupling it did not make a difference. Ultimately our problem wasn’t a bandwidth issue, it was latency. A key to our success is having the ability to quickly access complex project data files, regardless of the office in which they reside. Only Panzura made it possible for our workers to access complex data files at LAN speeds,” said CTO Eric Quinn.

Connect 1:1 with Panzura During Re:Invent
Customers attending AWS re:Invent can schedule a 1:1 meeting to discover how they can enable dispersed teams to collaborate in real-time, on data-intensive project files, using processes and workflows that are already proven to be successful. Contact Panzura to at

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