We’re Now VMware vSAN Certified (And Why That Matters)

VMware vSan Certification
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    When it comes to adding value to our customers, so they not only enjoy high performance but also peace of mind, we don’t leave any stone unturned in their digital transformation strategy. Today, VMware ISV Panzura’s Freedom Collaboration VMs are software-defined at the edge and are officially vSAN certified to run in your VM environments.

    “Enabling and securing TB to PB file services to your vSAN deployments, Panzura can now consolidate the data footprint of unstructured data just like VMware consolidated server infrastructure,” said Jason C. McKinney, SVP of Alliances and Channels. By consolidating data in any cloud with a global file system, customers can now enable site-to-site collaboration and decrease their open/close times for large files and projects. All while increasing end-user productivity between offices, so that projects get completed in-time and on-budget.

    VMware vSan CertificationvSAN certification offers protection and peace of mind to our users, knowing that they will find troubleshooting and customer support when needed and can take advantage of all HA and DR capabilities of vSAN in their enterprise today. Prospects who require a vSAN certified global cloud file system now have the freedom to choose the best cloud provider and deployment options that map to VMware’s ISV cloud strategy from VMworld Partner Day in San Francisco 2019. Joint customers can leverage Panzura Freedom software to create a global namespace for multiple sites to access unstructured data for vSAN installations.

    Panzura is the only global cloud file system to be vSAN certified and available on VMware Marketplace today. Securing the vSAN certification is a testament to Panzura’s commitment to its customers and prospects by proving that its platform conforms to the virtual infrastructure solutions provided by VMware. With Panzura Freedom, vSAN customers gain an increase in productivity, lower cost of managing unstructured file data, and hence overall profitability.

    Panzura Freedom replaces traditional network-attached storage (NAS) with scalable and durable cloud attached storage (CAS) keeping high performance and without re-writing applications running in the data center. Customers can consolidate their unstructured data across data islands to eliminate copy data sprawl, improve data security, and reduce total costs by up to 70 percent. Panzura Freedom customers have over 5000 VMware installations on VMware ESXi.

    The Panzura Freedom Filer provides one global file system enabling customers to efficiently collaborate and collapse data silos across the organization, delivering a single source of truth to data.

    VMware Momentum for Hybrid Initiatives with CIOs and Partners
    For the 16,000+ customers deploying vSAN today, Panzura offers a next-generation VMware ISV solution for Block and Object storage to complement and consolidate the growing data footprint. Imagine a world when you set up the vSAN Console in vCloud Director or vCloud Realize sharing templates where you can size your cache in 25TB increments for edge users and add to company global namespace while managing your company’s growing unstructured data footprint. Every organization needs Panzura Freedom on vSAN for collaboration across offices in your existing and new vSAN deployments.

    For more use cases, deployment architectures, and case studies reach out to sales@panzura.com.

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