Hybrid Matters

We’ve always been a big believer in Hybrid Cloud here at Panzura so are really excited by IBM’s announcement today of IBM Cloud Object Storage availability in IBM Cloud datacenters.

Panzura customers are Hybrid Cloud by nature as all of their unstructured NAS data is stored in cloud object storage while active data is cached on Panzura controllers. Before this announcement, our joint customers with IBM Cloud Object Storage, including a federal law enforcement agency, the Miami Marlins, and the American College of Radiology, only had the option of deploying Panzura NAS with IBM Cloud Object Storage in private datacenters.

Now customers can leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage in IBM Cloud datacenters, in private datacenters, or unique to IBM – a hybrid deployment model across IBM Cloud Datacenters and private datacenters.

From a customer’s perspective this is great news. It means they now have the freedom to solve a number of use cases with Panzura’s Global File System and IBM Cloud Object Storage including NAS replacement, global software development, cross-site collaboration, and active archive of media such as video, images, and records. Customers also now have the flexibility to choose the object store location that serves them best — now and in the future.

Combine today’s announcement with the earlier announcement of IBM and VMware enabling customers to be able to deploy workloads in a hybrid cloud environment without modification, and you can see IBM’s commitment to Hybrid Cloud. In that hybrid cloud environment, a Panzura virtual controller can also be deployed as an in-cloud NAS within an IBM Cloud datacenter accessing the same IBM Cloud Object Storage as on-premise Panzura controllers. This in-cloud NAS can be a part of the same global file system as on-premise Panzura controllers, so the same data is available and immediately consistent in every on-premise site as well as in IBM Cloud Datacenters.

Applications that were developed to run on-premise can now run without a single change in an IBM Cloud datacenter. VDI, search, analytics, and antivirus can now run in IBM Cloud Datacenters using existing unstructured data that was previously siloed in a private datacenter. Using Panzura controllers on-premise and within an IBM Cloud datacenter creates a two-way bridge that solves the speed of light issue when trying to run applications or workloads in both locations.

Whether replacing legacy NAS systems, backup, DR, archive, WAN Optimization, and MPLS networks with IBM Cloud Object Storage and Panzura controllers, or implementing a solution where workloads can be moved between IBM Cloud data centers and private datacenters using Panzura’s industry leading global file system spanning all datacenters, hybrid really does matter. We are excited that this new IBM Cloud Object Storage deployment model introduces a whole new level of hybrid into the cloud storage market, one that our customers will also be excited about.

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