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    Digital transformation is driving data explosion. This has accelerated the adoption of cloud technology, and more recently, multi-cloud. According to IDC, 85% of companies are using four or more clouds, leading to a big challenge. Data explosion leads to data silos and data islands, including multiple clouds with disconnected apps, machines, and people. This poses significant threats and challenges like cost explosion, security challenges, vendor lock-in, and expensive rewrite or refactoring.

    Now, imagine if you could migrate apps and data without rewrite by standardizing files across multiple clouds. Imagine if you could consolidate copies of data in disconnected islands into a single source of truth, dramatically lowering your cost. Imagine if you could deliver a consistent global experience, enabling access to data and apps from mobile devices to desktops, wherever users are around the world. Imagine if your international teams could collaborate globally, designing large scale projects like games, software, buildings, and amusement parks. Imagine if you could easily search and analyze your data to gain competitive insight and ensure data compliance. Imagine if you had the freedom to move across clouds without vendor lock-in.

    We did. And that’s why we are excited to unveil the Power of ONE with Panzura Freedom 8, the latest release of our multi-cloud file service platform underlined by the 8th generation of our cloud-native file system, Panzura CloudFS. With the release of Freedom 8, businesses can unify enterprise data and scale without constraints. This is how, ÅF, a Swedish engineering & design company uses Panzura Freedom in over 80 global sites for real-time collaboration on large scale projects with Revit leveraging the Power of ONE global cloud file system to dramatically increase productivity, lower cost and improve profitability.

    One Global Cloud File System

    The Power of ONE unifies and connects your apps, machines, data, and people into one global cloud file system. We do this by helping you easily migrate your data and apps into a cloud environment of your choice without rewrite. Additionally, we consolidate your file data into a single source of truth, eliminating copy data sprawl and lowering your cost of unstructured file data management by up to 70%. We provide the highest resiliency of your data with cloud data protection for automated backup. Finally, we deliver business continuity with industry-first multi-cloud mirroring, ensuring that if one cloud goes down you are always up and running.

    One Global Experience

    In addition to creating one global file system, we deliver one global experience wherever you are in the world. By consolidating data into a single source of truth and providing a high-performance caching edge, you get the same experience accessing data no matter if you’re in India, China, Europe, or the U.S. As an added bonus, the native integration into the file system with Freedom Mobile allows users to access data consistently from an iOS or Android device using the same security credentials.

    One Collaborative Team

    We also enable one distributed team across the globe to collaborate in real-time on projects. This significantly improves team productivity by enabling previously unused team capacity in different parts of the world. As all team members access the same data and projects by leveraging our patented global file locking, teams can enjoy 24/7 collaborative global design and development. We ensure that if one team member is working on a subset of a file, another team member won’t collide or accidentally overwrite the file. What this ultimately means is that projects are completed more efficiently, extra staffing costs aren’t incurred, and team productivity rises dramatically.

    One Vizion of Data

    Fourth, we deliver one vizion of data across your enterprise and multi-cloud environment with the help of This is one vizion of data for search and machine learning analytics.

    One Bottom-Line Result

    Finally, Panzura’s Power of ONE aims to help businesses achieve one result, which is increased productivity at a reduced cost, equaling bottom line profitability.

    It’s Time to Embrace the Power of ONE

    The Power of ONE wouldn’t be possible without the feedback our incredible customers have provided and the hard work our global development team has incorporated into the breakthroughs of Freedom 8. We encourage each of you to experience the Power of ONE today by contacting one of our team members at

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