Free your archive data, move it to any cloud

Today we announced Freedom Archive, a new product that frees up inactive data from expensive on premise storage, frees up people from managing archaic tape archival processes, and provides the freedom to use any cloud provider.

As with all products and solutions at Panzura, Freedom Archive was driven off customer demand to solve challenges they are experiencing. With the massive growth of data and most of that being unstructured data, keeping all that cold or inactive data in expensive on premise storage is unsustainable.

Customers want to leverage the unlimited capacity and economics of the cloud, especially with nearly all having a cloud or cloud-first initiative, but the performance was not up to par. They need the fast access to archived data that they had with on premise storage, but the economics and scale of the cloud.

That is exactly why we introduced Freedom Archive — to provide a simple solution that combines cloud storage with a fast local cache to make archiving dramatically simpler, faster, and less expensive.

Freedom Archive works across all major public cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM Bluemix as well as private cloud object storage providers including IBM, HDS, and EMC. Pricing starts at less than two cents per gigabyte per month and is available as a term or perpetual license.

For a limited time, we are offering a free 30-day trial of Freedom Archive that can be downloaded from As part of the Freedom Archive launch, IBM Cloud is offering up to 10 terabytes of free storage for 30 days and Amazon Web Services is offering up to 10 terabytes of free storage for 14 days.

Why pay for expensive local storage for data that is seldomly used? Check-out Freedom Archive.

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