Business Continuity in the Face of a Viral Pandemic

Business continuity in the face of a viral pandemic

As the impact of the COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly — a total of 124,969 confirmed cases as of March 11, 2020 (see real-time updates here)– companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are asking those who can work from home to do so.

While policies to protect public health are speeding up, companies can’t afford to slow down. Unplanned downtime can cost up to $17,244 per minute, with a low-end estimate of $926 per minute, according to Emerson Network Provider.

Enterprise IT is therefore under enormous pressure to put structures in place that allow for employees to work from home, and that ensure the business can continue as usual when people cannot, or will not, come into the office. This requires IT solutions that enable employees to collaborate as effectively from home as in the office – they need uninterrupted access to the same data and tools that they can access in the office, without the risk of data collisions or data losses.

The need is particularly acute among data-intensive industries like healthcare, financial services, software development, and professional services firms.

As the number of people who work from home escalates, the higher the demand for these tools, and the greater the pressure on the overall system. Those platforms that are not designed to scale dynamically need to be re-evaluated and remodeled to cope with fluctuating demand. They need to be disaster-ready, not just for COVID-19 but for any major disruption.

So, how can business be disaster ready and capable of keeping up with the speed at which disasters can interrupt the daily flow of business? The answer lies in the cloud.

Using Panzura and the cloud for continuous business operations
Using the cloud for continuous business operations means that if your offices close, or in the unlikely event of public cloud disruption, employees carry on working remotely as effectively as in the office, with full access to their data from anywhere in the world, without loss of time or resources.

In addition, disaster recovery is faster and easier than ever before. Furthermore, a multi-cloud infrastructure ensures that every site can read and write to the cloud in the unlikely event one should go down or fail. There’s no loss of data or interruption to access, and multiple sites are capable of accessing and collaborating on data that’s centralized on the cloud. If an entire data center is lost, others will continue.

Be prepared for anything
In the wake of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and pandemics, customers maintain full business continuity with Panzura Freedom 8 cloud file service, which consolidates unstructured file data, archive and backup, and disaster recovery. Using cloud mirroring for unparalleled data protection and business continuity, Panzura ensures that data remains the lifeblood of the organization, keeping its proverbial heart beating amidst business disruption and disaster.

Specifically, we offer a multi-cloud approach that allows for data to be written to two object stores (eg AWS, S3 and Azure blog storage) simultaneously in our most recent release. With this technology, businesses are assured of removing single vendor dependency, protecting against accidental object or bucket deletion, and gaining immediate consistency.

Find out more about how your business can embed disaster recovery tools into every layer of the organization with our whitepaper entitled ‘Cloud Mirroring for Unparalleled Data Protection and Business Continuity.’

To see Panzura in action, and learn how our customers are continuing business operations uninterrupted, contact us today for a live demo. We’re here to give your business the security and stability it needs in unpredictable times.

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