5 Minutes With Andrew Davis

Panzura CTO Andrew Davis

Panzura has been named ‘Market Leader’ in File-Based Cloud Storage, and Andrew Davis’ knack for being a visionary plays a big role in making that happen. We sat down with our creative CTO to learn about what he has in store for Panzura.

Q: Andrew – tell us about your background, before you joined Panzura?

A: I grew up in a DIY, ‘you can build it’ home. Bikes to cars to houses, we built, repaired, or restored just about anything. Now in Tech, Panzura is the 4th company I’ve started or helped build from the ground floor.

Q: When did you join Panzura and what was the one thing that told you this company was for you?

A: I joined Panzura when it first pivoted to Storage (before it was cloud storage) 10 years ago because of the people and ‘room to contribute’ at a company just getting off the ground.

Q: Where do you see Panzura’s technology in 5 years?

A: All over the world. In every business needing the agility to survive and thrive in these very dynamic times. Shifting companies across borders due to political tensions; shifting companies to different regions due to climate change magnified natural events; bringing companies together to participate in the ‘internal’ sharing economy; growing companies toward cloud and remote work to aid in COVID-19 work location restructuring; and protecting company data in the face of ransomware and IP theft.

Q: What do you think sets Panzura apart from its competitors?

A: A history of listening and driving hard to help customers solve their hard storage problems.

Q: What achievement are you most proud of in your time here so far?

A: Panzura has adapted so often in so many ways it is incredible thinking back. Every year there was some new challenge that required dramatically changing the business.

Q: What’s your superpower?

A: Seeing further than most and communicating that future back to those here and now.

Q: Tell us a bit about Andrew Davis the person.

A: Passionate, fierce 🔥, empathetic, in that order.

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