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About the Setup Wizard

The setup wizard walks you through the steps to set up master and subordinate EC2 Cloud Controllers. the red bar near the top of the wizard shows your progress through the setup.
You can change some configuration settings at a later time by using the web interface configuration pages, as described in the Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller Administration Guide.

Contact Information

The Panzura AMI Cloud Controllers comes with support. If you would like to receive support and be notified of new updates, enter your contact information and select the check box at the bottom of the page.

Setting Descriptions
Company Name Company to contact about updates and other information.
First Name First name of the contact person at the company.
Last Name Last name of the contact person at the company.
Email Address/Retype Email Address Email address of the contact person. Reenter to confirm.
Phone Number Phone number of the contact person at the company.
I agree to share this information with Panzura, Inc. Select to make your contact information available to Panzura. This is required for you to get product support.

Network Settings

Set up network information for the EC2 controller.

Setting Descriptions
Use DHCP If you keep this setting (default), the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway and provided automatically.
Use Static IP Address If you choose this setting, enter a static IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.
Primary DNS Server IP Keep the default DNS Server, or enter the IP address of a Domain Name Service (DNS) server.
Secondary DNS Service IP Enter the IP address of a secondary DNS server to use if the primary server is unavailable
DNS Domain Name Enter the DNS domain name.

System Information

Set up system information for the EC2 controller, including whether the system will be a master or subordinate controller. To simplify the setup process, you can export the configuration file for a master controller and then use the relevant configuration information when setting up the associated subordinate controllers. To do so, first set up the master, exporting the configuration file from the Summary page (see Summary). Then when you set up the subordinate, you can select the previously exported file on this page.

Setting Descriptions
Hostname Enter a name to identify the controller.
NTP Server Hostname Enter the hostname or IP address of a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, or keep the default server.
Configuration Mode Select whether the controller will be a master or subordinate.

For subordinate: If you have an existing master AMI Panzura Cloud Controller and want to configure this AMI as its subordinate, open the web interface for the master controller and select Configuration > Basic Settings > System. Click Export and save the file.

Then on this wizard page, click Choose File for the Local Configuration File, and select the master configuration file that you just exported.

For information on the web interface, see the Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller Administration Guide.

Add Master IP addr to Network Host If you select Subordinate and upload a configuration file, the wizard gives you the option of selecting one of the following:

  • Public. Makes the host publicly available.
  • Private. Makes the host available only to other systems within the same Amazon account.
  • None. Does not add the master IP address to the network host.

Feature Bundle

If you purchased a license directly from Panzura, you have been provided a single use license token. Paste the token into the License Token field for Feature Bundle.

The page is presented only for a Panzura AMI Is that is not a bring-your-own license AMI.

Cloud Settings

Cloud settings are required for operation within the Amazon cloud. Copy and paste in the values that Panzura provides.

Setting Descriptions
Bucket Enter the bucket name for your existing S3 bucket.
Path Enter any alphanumeric name.
Access Key Enter the access key.
Secret Key Enter the secret key.
Region Select the region from the drop-down list.

Disk Cache Settings

Set up information on disk configuration for the controller.

Setting Descriptions
Use Cloud Settings Click Yes to use the same access key and secret key that were provided on the Cloud Settings page (Cloud settings), or keep the default setting No to add your own access key and secret key.
Access Key If you selected No for Use Cloud Settings, enter the access key.
Secret Key If you selected No for Use Cloud Settings, enter the secret key.
Number of Disks Specify the number of disks assigned to this controller (up to 8 disks).
Number of IOPS Choose the standard disk (0 IOPS) or specify a provisioned IOPS disk, where the provisioned IOPS can be anywhere from 1 to 4000.
Size of Each Disk (GB) Specify the size of each disk (GB), up to 1000 GB (1 TB).


Review the information that you configured for the controller. You can do any of the following from this page.

Action Descriptions
Back Click to return to return to the setup pages to make any changes.
Export File Click to export the configuration. This is useful if you have just configured a master controller and want to be able to import appropriate settings when you configure subordinate controllers.
See System Information.The file that is exported from the master is an encrypted file consisting of the portions of the master configuration that need to be imported to each subordinate
Save Config and Continue Save the configuration and open the web interface for the controller.