Panzura backs our products with diligent customer support based on three guiding principles:

  • You will receive rapid response and frequent communications until your problem is resolved.
  • We will listen and be honest with you.
  • We will take ownership of and accountability for your problem.

To contact Panzura support:

Panzura Support Portal

If you would like to establish a Panzura support account, just contact your Panzura sales representative or e-mail us at

Panzura Technical Support is geared to provide proactive and efficient support services to ensure continuous operation of Panzura Controllers through automated monitoring, proactive corrective action, and priority servicing. Panzura’s support offering and pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility to best fit customer operational requirements and budget.

The following table summarizes the support options available and the associated service levels.


Silver Support

Gold Support

Software Update 30 Days from system shipment, Maintenance release updates and fixes only Maintenance and Feature updates Maintenance and Feature updates
Phone Support 9AM to 5PM US Pacific Time, 8-hour initial response 5AM to 5PM US Pacific Time, 2-hour initial response 24 x 7 x 365, 1 hour initial response – priority queue
Hardware Replacement 1 year from system shipment, 3 business days after receipt of defective part (no advance replacement) Advanced Replacement, 2 business days after issue is diagnosed Advanced Replacement, Next business day after issue is diagnosed, Upgrade Option: On site spares
On-line Support Access to online knowledge base, case management, user community Access to online knowledge base, case management, user community Access to online knowledge base, case management, user community
System Monitoring Remote monitoring subject to customer authorization Remote monitoring subject to customer authorization Remote monitoring subject to customer authorization
Email and Web case support 9AM to 5PM US Pacific Time, 8-business-hour response time 9AM to 5PM US Pacific Time, 4-business-hour response time Priority email response
Professional Service Not available Per engagement professional services Per engagement professional services
Account Management Not available Upgrade Option: Technical Account Management with Quarterly Business Review Upgrade Option: Technical Account Management with Quarterly Business Review

NOTE 1: All services may not be available in all areas. Please check with your Panzura sales representative or contact Panzura to confirm service details and pricing.

NOTE 2: All response time SLAs are the maximum time to engage with a customer on an issue. Priority-based escalation policies will be in place to ensure timely resolution.

The Panzura Cloud Storage Controller ships with support features that enhance a Panzura support engineer’s ability to remotely assist customers with troubleshooting and configuration tasks.  Support features include basic diagnostic tools to troubleshoot connectivity issues, automatic download of new software images, sharing of log events with Panzura support, and secure remote access for Panzura support engineers to the System’s web user interface.  All external communications are fully encrypted and disabled by default.  Customers must explicitly enable support features which initiate external communications.

The Panzura Operating System is tied into Panzura Support to provide the following advanced capabilities.

Automatic Software Upgrades

The administrator of the Panzura System has the option to enable the system to automatically check Panzura’s support servers for new software upgrades. This works much like Microsoft’s Windows Update feature. Each Panzura Cloud Storage Controller leaves the factory with its own unique certificate used to authenticate and secure communications with the Panzura Support servers over an SSL connection. If enabled the Cloud Storage Controller will check Panzura support servers for available upgrades nightly. Software images are downloaded and prepared for upgrade. Customers must explicitly reboot the system for the upgrade to take effect, allowing upgrades to take place during planned maintenance windows.

Security Advisories

Panzura strives to develop products that our customers entrust with their most sensitive information; our goal is to ensure that our products meet the high standard for security our clients demand. This page will list any security vulnerability issues related to Panzura products and outline steps on how to protect them. Each advisory contains detailed information regarding the security vulnerability, affected systems, threat severity, and risk mitigation techniques for the vulnerability. Click here to view all current Security Advisories.

Automatic Support Log Uploads

The Panzura System offers an option to automatically upload system support logs to the Panzura Support server nightly for remote monitoring of system health. No customer specific configuration data or information is included in the support logs. No data is automatically transferred without explicitly enabling this functionality. There is also the option to upload error log data manually on a single event basis. This data helps a remote support engineer in troubleshooting reported problems encountered by the customer during a support call.

Support Assistance

The Panzura System offers remote support assistance. This feature allows for the administrator to temporarily provide remote access to the Cloud Storage Controller during a support call so a Panzura support engineer may access the Web-UI and help the administrator to configure or troubleshoot the system.  This feature is disabled by default and must be explicitly turned on. Access to the Web-UI is still controlled by username and password, which is controlled by the local administrator. The administrator controls whether read or read/write access is granted to Panzura’s support personnel.

When enabled, the Panzura Cloud Storage Controller opens a secure tunnel using AES-128 encryption with 2048 bit RSA public key encryption. Connections through the secure tunnel are limited to the Web-UI and Panzura CLI. All connections are password protected and controlled by the customer. Only Panzura support engineers have access to the Support server. The Support server itself cannot initiate connections. Connection to the Support server must be initiated by the Cloud Storage Controller through direct customer configuration.

Summary of Support Features

All support features are configurable and disabled by default. The administrator must explicitly enable any support features that connect to services outside the Panzura Cloud Storage Controller itself.

  • Optional Automatic Upgrade Support
  • Optional Automatic Support Log Submittal
  • Optional Support Assistance (Remote View)
  • AES-128 encrypted communications
  • Secure communications with 2048 bit RSA public key encryption
  • Independent Read-only and Read/Write password protection