Panzura Video Surveillance

From security cameras to dash and body cams to cell phones, the ubiquitous recording of surveillance video has become a modern reality. As a result, Video Management Systems such as OnSSI, Genetec, and Milestone as well as digital asset management (DAM) and media asset management (MAM) have become a standard business process as companies are compelled to record, store and archive multiple CCTV and video surveillance streams.

These videos are large, unstructured data files that consume a massive amount of space. Compressing the files can help, but it does not take long for these files to grow too large for local, primary storage. While the cloud would seem the obvious choice to store large video files that are being created around the clock, there are also significant performance issues to consider.

Typically, stored footage will only be reviewed after there has been an incident that requires it. However, when those files do need to be reviewed they usually need to be reviewed quickly. Retrieving files from the cloud can cause unacceptable delays. Storing and archiving the files on site would seem to solve the issue, but that adds both cost and complexity.

The Panzura Freedom family solves these challenges by automatically storing files in the cloud while caching recent data on flash-based local storage for fast access. The latest video files are always available for immediate viewing while past video is securely saved on economical, highly scalable cloud storage.

Cloud Advantages

By using the cloud as a file storage repository, businesses can eliminate their expensive, onsite file servers and expensive NAS storage. Panzura Freedom Archive offers immediate access to the latest video files while leveraging the low cost, scalability, and security of the cloud for long-term storage. Video Management Systems such as OnSSI, Genetec, Milestone, Honeywell, and Bosch that access surveillance video via a file system interface can access surveillance video regardless if the file is cached on the local Panzura appliance or is in cloud storage. Benefits of the Panzura solution include:

  • Real-Time File Access. To be useful, video surveillance files must be accessible on demand. The Panzura Freedom family of products stores all of the data to the cloud and caches the latest video files on high performance flash for immediate access. Once the video files reach a threshold of no longer being needed quickly, they are flushed from cache. Should they ever be needed again, then they will always available from the cloud.
  • Reduced Storage and Storage Costs. Video recordings produce massive, unstructured data files that largely consist of redundant information. The Panzura Freedom archive applies advanced deduplication and compression to every file before it is written to the cloud. This can dramatically reduce the total storage footprint and costs by up to 90%.
  • Long Term Data Archival. Most video surveillance footage is accessed shortly after it is filmed. As a general rule, the surveillance footage is rarely seen once it is more than a day or two old. Still, it does need to be saved for long-term access and archive. This makes the cloud the obvious choice as many public clouds are architected to deliver high availability and long term storage.

For more in-depth information on surveillance video archive, please check out the Panzura Freedom Archive datasheet and the Surveillance Video solution brief.