Panzura Inside™ is a best of breed solution that eliminates the need for traditional NAS systems by combining purpose built flash-based systems to boost virtual environments with a modern Hybrid Cloud Storage architecture for unstructured data. With Panzura Inside, a Panzura virtual appliance is deployed alongside a flash array or on a hyperconverged system using SSD capacity from the array or system for caching active unstructured data. In both cases, all unstructured data in the enterprise is moved to public or private cloud storage while only the active data is cached on the Panzura virtual appliance. This modern cloud plus cache model along with the flash array or hyperconverged system not only enables customers to eliminate the NAS or file server, but also backup, DR, replication, and archiving infrastructure and operations at each location.

While unstructured data continues to grow exponentially, the shift from on-premise to cloud storage is well underway. The 451 Group reports that spending on public cloud storage almost doubles between 2015 and 2017 with NetApp falling from the number two providers to the number six provider while AWS moves from the number six provider to the number two provider of enterprise storage. Further, AWS and Azure will be two of the top five enterprise storage providers in 2017.  With 70% of unstructured data not being accessed in two months and a massive 90% of unstructured data not being accessed in six months, a different approach to manage unstructured data alongside flash arrays and hyper converged appliances is required and cloud storage will be the key driver.

“Data growth challenges continue to plague organizations despite the rise of technologies designed to specifically address these challenges. The cumulative impact of years of rapid data growth has led to traditional storage systems becoming unsustainable. Cloud was identified as the number one technology expected to impact on-premise storage, but cloud suffers from a latency ‘speed of light challenge.’ Panzura’s Hot Edge Cold Core approach leverages the cloud for all storage, but caches the hot data on-premise. The combination of a Panzura virtual appliance with a high-performance block-based solution takes it one step further to give customers the best of both worlds.”
-Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at ESG.

By implementing Panzura Inside, customers not only collapse all forms of unstructured data into the cloud, but also eliminate WAN optimization equipment and expensive MPLS connections with this shift as they are not required with a simple cloud plus cache architecture. Total capital and operational expenses can be reduced by over 70 percent. In addition to providing a file interface for applications running on flash arrays and hyperconverged systems, the Panzura virtual controller can also be used for backup, DR, and active archive of VMDKs running on those arrays or systems.

Panzura Inside Deployment Mode


Whether you have deployed a flash array or hyperconverged system, Panzura provides a hybrid cloud storage solution that addresses unstructured data with a modern cloud plus cache storage architecture. The result is a best of breed solution that combines a purpose-built flash-based system to boost virtual environments with a future proof Hybrid Cloud NAS solution for file data – completely eliminating the need for traditional NAS systems.