Need to collaborate and manage multiple large media projects across multiple locations? Panzura allows your distributed teams to work together like they are all in one office, enabling collaboration on any number of projects through real-time file access. Panzura de-duplicates and compresses your data, reducing total cloud storage usage. The cloud provides high availability and redundancy, while Distributed File Locking ensures file integrity.


Cloud Advantages

Moving structured and unstructured data to the cloud through Panzura eliminates the need for an expensive local SAN, file servers and tape backups, tape infrastructure and associated backup software.  At the same time, firms have access to unlimited storage growth while being able to access their files in real time.  Benefits of the Panzura solution include:

  • Real-Time File Access
  • Reduced Storage and Storage Costs
  • File Integrity
  • Disaster Recovery

Real-Time Collaboration

To effectively collaborate on projects, teams need their large files to be available quickly. Panzura gives teams at any site fast, easy access to large files and data sets while cutting file transfer times from hours to minutes without the need for expensive MPLS connections. This means that if you need to see a new creative comp, compare previous designs, or review presentations, the files will always be available in real-time.

Reduce Storage and Storage Costs

Often Media and Entertainment firms must create multiple versions of a project for use on different platforms and in different languages for different regions.  This leads to an exponential increase in the amount of data that needs to be stored.  Centralizing data in the cloud with a Panzura Distributed Cloud File System dramatically reduces a firm’s total storage footprint and costs by up to 90%.

Distributed Byte Level File Locking for File Integrity

Collaborate together like your team is in the same office.  Panzura’s patented byte level file locking prevents file versioning issues that result in a loss of productivity. When a file is opened in one office, that file is immediately locked in every other office. Once that file is saved, it is immediately available for use by others. Only one location can write to a file at a time, eliminating versioning issues and ensuring data integrity across all sites. Read more on Panzura’s Distributed File Locking.

Disaster Recovery

With Panzura, you get a single repository for all files in the cloud meaning all offices can collaborate on the master copy of the data in real-time. If there is a loss of an office, users in that office can access files from a Panzura Freedom Filer at a different office or by starting a virtual Panzura Freedom Filer instance in the cloud.

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