Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud has a “last mile” problem. Today a hybrid cloud is essentially islands of hybrid infrastructure. For hybrid clouds to really work, the cloud datacenter needs to feel like it is in the wiring closet, not an entirely separate instance. Companies want to use the cloud as an extension of their infrastructure – a hybrid model – but struggle to make it work.

The ‘Last Mile’ Problem – Islands of Hybrid Cloud


Connecting corporate data centers to the cloud is challenging for several reasons:

  • Connecting back to the corporate network. Connecting your internal network directly to a cloud instance can be difficult and expensive. It often means setting up a VPN network and potentially paying to co-locate some of your servers in a facility close to the cloud datacenter.
  • Separate environments. Cloud gateways let you connect some of your storage to the cloud – mostly to simplify backup and archiving. But from an operational standpoint, your datacenter and the cloud are different environments with islands of storage, virtual servers, and applications that aren’t tightly connected.
  • No file locking or version control. If you have files that are copied to the cloud, they’re effectively separate copies. If users access and change them in the cloud, you end up with multiple versions. And because there’s no integrated file locking between your site and the cloud, you can’t protect files from being overwritten.
  • Application and file latency. When you do run applications in the cloud, user data is stuck on-premise. This requires a VPN tunnel between the cloud and your datacenter, which is costly and slow. You end up creating latency between the application and the data.
  • User directory integration. Since the cloud is effectively an island, there’s no easy way to tie your internal user authentication into an application running in the cloud.

Panzura’s Freedom platform solves the “last mile” problem for hybrid cloud. It lets you extend your corporate data into the cloud so you can take advantage of the cloud to run applications the same way they would run in your own datacenter. High-performance computing, antivirus, file auditing, search, indexing, and rendering applications can now run natively in the cloud without any changes.

By connecting to existing corporate datasets, Panzura Freedom NAS lets you take advantage of the elasticity of cloud compute and eliminates performance issues caused by running applications in the cloud while data is kept on-premise.

By solving the last mile of hybrid cloud computing, the data, and simplifying network connectivity, Panzura Freedom transforms a cloud datacenter into a corporate datacenter. Data is always immediately available and consistent in every datacenter including the cloud.